Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Ive been a little slow on the blogging, what with the holidays and all. This one is going to be short because Im typing from my phone. We've been off work for a few days and we dont have a computer in the house. It doesnt matter because when we did it was just dial up. We live out in the country, which is cool and all but there is a trade off with some things. For instance, we dont get food delivery and every errand is "a trip into town". Come on you country people! You know what Im talkin bout!

Before we moved here we also lived in the country about an hour and a half away in Westminster, Tx. While we we were buying this house we lived in Lewisville for 2 mos and with my MIL for 2 weeks. What an adventure! But the gun thing is that we LIVED in town. That felt quite luxurious! We had lots of food delivery. One time, I was driving home from work at the McKinney YMCA and called my husband to order dinner. We ordered from a place that hung a flyer on our door! When he ordered, the guy said "You sure have been ordering a lot" To which my husband replied "We're from the country". The guy said "oh! We'll have it there within 30 minutes". :)

That was the last time I had food delivered directly to my door. Now I'M the food delivery person! But thats okay! Its a trade off remember? I get to live in a lot of people's dream! Its not fancy, but its off the road. Its quiet. We raise a lot of our own food. We have a big front porch great for rocking. Animals runnimlng around AND even better......we can afford it!

This New Year reflect on YOUR many blessings! And make 2011 your most successful ever!

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