Thursday, September 29, 2011

Relief From Cold Sores

Today is Thursday!!!

You know what that means? And I'm on time, even!!

Thursday is Herbs Day!! ya-hoooooooo!

So, today my friends, we're discussing something I just heard. Melanie texted me last night and said swishing chamomile tea helps relieve the pain and speeds healing of canker sores.
Even more important for me is that a chamomile tea bag pressed against the lips reduces pain and speeds healing of cold sores by 82%.

All I can say about that is WOW!!!!!

This is why she sent me the text. Not because she thinks I'm such an awesome blogger and wanted to give me material to share. Although, I'm pretty sure if she ever read my blog, she would think I'm just darling at it. *blink, blink...batting my eyes*

No, she shared it with me because about a month or so ago, I went to the lake in my parents boat and very stupidly opted out of a hat and sunscreen.....

So, this is what I looked like afterward.

Melanie laughed at me until I sent this photo. Now, she sends me info I can use.

She just laughs at me for other stuff now!

This lovely picture of me is submitted into Food Renegades Fight Back Friday. (I know, I know...its Thursday is Herbs Day..But, its Friday now.....But, it says Thursday.....Its confusing...Just go with it. Have a cup of chamomile tea. You don't need a cold sore to enjoy it.  You can throw the bag away. Its okay.)
If you want to read more from other real food lovers and healthy livers check it out HERE!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tibetan Rites


A few days ago,   I said "Tomorrow, I'll tell you what the Tibetan Rites are."
I don't know why I quoted it. I probably didn't say it exactly like that but I'm too lazy to go back and check to see what exactly I did say. But that's the gist.

If you're stickler and are going to complain that I didn't say THAT specifically, then let me know. I won't care.......but at least I'll know. :)

What ARE the Tibetan Rites? you ask?
And why would they benefit me? you wonder?

Well, let me tell you.

I went to a yoga workshop years ago in McKinney. I talked my great friend and workout buddy whom I like to refer to as Miss Cardio into going with me. She literally runs circles around me. We took our kids camping for a week one summer to all different campsites in Central Texas. I suggested we take some workout clothes and squeeze in some time and check out the YMCAs around, as we could go for free. She said "That would be great and I was thinking we could take some running shoes and run at the campgrounds while the kids hung out and played at camp!" I wholeheartedly (well not really...maybe halfheartedly as I don't enjoy running so much) agreed.
So one morning we got up and she said "Lets go run!!" I was like...'BEFORE BREAKFAST?!?!??' "Well.....okaaaaay." I thought it wouldn't be so bad. How long could we actually go before breakfast?
We went WAAAAAAYYY too long. After about 20 minutes with no food, I'm done. So, my stomach, breakfast clock, goes off and she's just running away....
At one point, I tell her that I have to walk. She says "okay, I'm just going to run up and back", She says this very enthusiastically. Did I mention during this whole time she NEVER stops talking?
So, it ends up being like this: She's talking and running AROUND me and I'm walking very annoyed that I'm not EATING. It was exactly like the cartoon with the big bulldog and the little terrier running around.

Remember that cartoon? With Spike the Bulldog and his little buddy Chester??

Yeah, the big one is me.......

She's Chester.......

Anyway. I tell you all THAT so you'll know that she HATES yoga. Too slow for her. But, I talked her into going to this masterclass before the workshop with me. It was weird. It was storming, there was chanting and moaning and Oh Lord!! She said "I feel sorry for you!" in regards to me being there all weekend for the workshop. I was a little worried about it too...

It turned out the be the BEST WORKSHOP EVER!! I told her that and she said "Are you being sarcastic?"
No!!!! I love that guy (our instructor, John Deminico) I want to marry him!!! He's so enlightened.(turns out I think he's gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that. :)

Anyway, at one point, he says "I never teach yoga anymore except in workshops." He said that every morning he just does the Tibetan Rites. It takes about 15 minutes a day and it will keep us away from the Clinque counter its so anti-aging. "Its the fountain of youth!" he says.

Uhhhhhhh.......Count me in!!! In a room full of women, he had us at "looking younger"!
I had been  looking at him thinking he looked okay for his age.....about mid fortiesish.

Then he said..."I do this every day and I'm 65"!!!! OMG!! We were all like "Okay, screw the yoga workshop! You have to tell us about this!!"

So now, I'm sharing with you the fountain of youth.

You do each of these 5 exercises only 3 times to start off. If you can't do 3 reps yet then just start with whatever you can. You do the 3 reps for a week, then move up to 5 reps. Do that for a week, then move up to 7. If you get stuck at a set number and its still difficult, stay at that number for another week. One time, I stayed at 13 for about 3 weeks. Each week you only go up to the next odd number, i.e. 3, 5, 7, 9, etc up to 21. Never do more than 21. If you want to increase the physical challenge you can speed it up.

The premise of these rites is that they help balance your chakras. If you do more than 21, it actually has a negative effect.

So... Here they are:

#1 - Twirling
Stretch out your arms with the palms facing downward. Spin clockwise.

#2 - Leg Lifts
Lie on your back with your arms by your side, palms flat on the floor. Lift your legs and head at the same time and then lower. Inhale as you lower and exhale as you lift.

#3 - Camel Pose
Kneeling with hands on the back of the thighs and toes turned into the floor, arch back to look behind you. Use the hands to help support. Inhale as you arch back and exhale as you come back into the original position.

#4 - Table Pose
In a seated position (staff pose) with the legs extended in front of you and your palms flat on the floor halfway between your hips and knees, lift up the hips into table pose as you inhale. Lower back to the seated position as you exhale.

#5 - Up Dog/Down Dog
From plank position, inhale as you move forward into upward facing dog keeping your toes curled into the mat. Then exhale as you move back into downward facing dog.

Let me know what you think! I got all the way up to 21 at one time then I quit. I just started back up and I'm at 9 this week.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Homemade Pop Tarts

If you've read my blog much you'll know that I've only been doing the "real food" thing for about the last 10 years or so.

As you'll recall, I got most of my nutrition advice from Shape magazine. Okay, let me take that back. About 15 years ago I saw a nutritionist and he told me I should stop using non dairy creamer and use half and half instead. Also, that I should eat more fruits, vegetables, fat, and protein. He told me to give up my junky low fat, high carb, heavily processed diet.

Then, I overheard a very stylish homeschool mom who had recently lost quite a bit of weight say that she lost the weight by giving up boxed foods. I thought that was a smashing idea and I wanted to do it too!!!

So, I call my best work out buddy and we vow we're gonna make all our food from scratch! Man! This is gonna be great! We're gonna be healthy. Our kids are gonna be healthy. And we are AWESOME moms! Yeah!

Wait a minute........what about crackers???? Crap! Do we have to make crackers.

Ring, Ring.

Me: Hey, I just had a thought....what about crackers...Do we have to make our own crackers???

Her:  I don't know....I sometimes give my kids cheese and crackers on the way to sports practices....I don't know what else to feed them. I don't have time to make crackers.

Me: Yeah, me neither. Okay. So, we won't buy anything from a box EXCEPT crackers.

Her: Okay. Sounds Great! We're gonna be such great moms!


Ring, Ring....

Her: Do we have to make our own BREAD too?

Me: Well, I don't want to have to make bread...I'm busy. And, its TECHNICALLY not in a box....sooooooo,,,

Her: Okay, so we can buy crackers and bread and we'll make everything else we would normally get from a box.

Me: Sounds great!! We're gonna be Sooooooo healthy! Woo-Hoo!

one word:  pop tarts


So a couple of years go by and I read an article that says this is the first generation in history that the kids are not expected to outlive their parents.


Okay, that'll perk up a mom.

The article also says that this reason for early death in our children is directly related to their diet.

Okay. Complete overhaul mode. For real this time.
I go through our pantry and throw out anything with hydrogenated oils in the ingredients list.

I don't care what Aibileen Clark says...Crisco is NOT the best stuff on earth!

The first, and dare I say, PAINFUL thing to go guessed it.....POP-TARTS!
There was much crying, begging, pleading, gnashing of teeth, and all around general moping about this little deletion from our regular grocery trip. Everything else was pretty chill until you start messing with the dang pop-tarts!

I told him.."Honey, NO. When Kellogg's stops putting hydrogenated oils in their pop-tarts I will buy them again. Until then, I'll figure out how to MAKE some and they'll be even more delicious!!"

Well....I'm busy. I can't make pop-tarts. How in the heck am I supposed to figure out how to make pop-tarts???? I tried. I really did. I looked online. Remember dial up?

Yup. Guess how long I tried to look up homemade pop tart recipes? I did find one and it was long and drawn out and in the end quite disgusting.

So, my precious darling finally, finally got over the fact that we never buy pop-tarts anymore. Poor baby! Such sacrifice!

THEN...*angels singing*
Nature's Path comes out with ORGANIC TOASTER PASTRIES!!! In wonderful flavors like frosted chocolate, Cherry Pomegranite, Strawberry, Maple Brown Sugar, etc.

Whew!! Okay, life isn't so creepy amish anymore in the Pearson household. We've been buying those for a couple years now. I even ate one last night! I know, I know. I vowed to give up sugar until I lose 7 more pounds. But, my husband "cooked" it for me... (his words) and its RIGHT THERE. I can't waste it, can I?? Not when children in Africa are starving? In fact, it would be un-humanitarian of me NOT to eat it so....

Hey! Don't judge! You would have eaten it too! And stop looking at me......

But, look what I just found on Pinterest!!! A homemade pop tart that looks sparkly delicious. Seeeeee?
Pinterest IS productive! Somebody tell my husband....would you please?

I haven't made these little beauties yet (sugar give up, you know. Im back on as of this morning.) but, I'm going to make them for my family soon.

If you want to make them for yours, here is the link to the recipe Pop Tart deliciousness!

Its so simple and super easy to tweak to make even healthier and with different flavors!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Average Day Of Spouses Together In The Workplace

Do you ever sit around the house or work or wheretheheckever and think how romantic it would be if you and your darling husband had a little business and could build a fortune, an empire, a life, really?

I know deep down, every now and then, you think....'How great would THAT be?'

Or do you wonder if you two lovebirds can pull it off?

Well, I'm going to tell you how great it is. I'm going to give you a glimpse into my day and you can judge for yourself.

Oh, I forgot to tell you this little tidbit. It's crucial to my story, in fact. Without just sounds like the odd musings of a crazy woman who may or may not have enjoyed a "special brownie". (I didn't by the way...GAH!!!)

Oh yeah! The tidbit....My husband and I own Pearson Pools, your one stop pool shop together. Biz is a teensy bit slow right now being that its now Sept. So, I'm at the store more than usual.

So, here's the glimpse. This....from today.....

Robbie: *making phone calls, working on getting the right parts for the pool builder.*

Me: *on my laptop checking facebook. I already made coffee so I take a well deserved break....Dangit!!! Facebook changed again. Freaking facebook! I have no idea what I'm doing. Okay, work needs to be done anyway.... I think I need some tea*

Robbie: *looking at my computer to see what I'm doing. He tells me we need to log some stuff into the computer for billing.*

Me: Okay! I'll do it in a little bit. (I hate when my son says this by the way. Where did he get THAT from? His dad. Yeah, must be his dad.) Because I'm busy right now doing some very important work and stop looking at my computer! I hate when you monitor me. *continue pinning some freaking awesome stuff on Pinterest*

We get three deliveries all in a row. Because I have to do EVERYTHING, I go and open the back door so they can get in. I continue pinning. Oh yeah! I forgot I had tea!! :)

Robbie: *talking to the drivers, signing invoices, writing checks ( by the way...I didn't get a check...Hey! what am I working for anyways???) making out a deposit for me to take to the bank.*

Me: *I see it.......Oh My Gosh!!! That is the funniest thing I think I've ever seen!!!!! It is a zombie garden gnome covered in blood and one of its little eyeballs is hanging out of its socket! I know...right?? I start snickering.*

Robbie: * In a Charlie Brown grown up voice* Wonh Wonh Wonh, filter...

Me: thinking ' Be cool! He's fixing to get pissed. Don't laugh, Don't laugh...I know, I'll turn around and pretend that I have to go to the bathroom.' So, I do. I turn around to head to the bathroom...I'm halfway there. I'm gonna make it!!! Then...

Robbie: Hey! Did you hear me? Wonh Wonh Wonh filter...

Me: Yes....BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I lost it, Man down, Man down!

Robbie: What the hell??? What are you laughing at?

Me: A bloody gnome! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! *in the bathroom...because I'm still trying to pull that off, laughing so hard, tears have sprung. OMG, that's funny!*

Robbie: Wonh Wonh Wonh *I really have no idea what he's saying. It has something to with me not working or wasting time or some such nonsense.*

Me: *I try hard to play it straight. Okay....I'm focused. No really! I'm trying hard!!!* Okay, I'm listening. What is it? *then......Oh NO! I turn my head and there, staring at me with his one good eye is the bloody gnome! I can't help it! Its right THERE just enticing me to look at him. Again...more giggles. I can't stop.*

Robbie: Oh My God!!! *So he stomps off. Well as much as a man with a cane and a scooter can stomp.*

The scooter is fun too by the way. But, I digress.

Robbie: Okay, I'm going to the bathroom while you do some work. His isn't an act. He really had to go in case you were wondering.

Me: Okay. *so I enter a new customer into the billing program. And........I'm sure I did something else productive. I know I must've. It FELT like I did.....hmmmm....don't worry. I know that I must have worked my ass off. Then, Oh not again! I happen to look over at my laptop........Again...Uncontrollable laughter. Tears streaming down my face. I decide that I've got to shut down my laptop before Robbie gets back or I'm gonna be in real trouble. I'm still trying to pull myself together and Ken the mailman walks in. He asks "What's funny?"

and I'm all "Nothing.....A bloody gnome! BWAHAHAHAHA!" and he's all "WHAAAAAAT?"
and I'm all "Its nothing really. I don't know why it's funny. BWAHAHAHAHA" He wants to see it, but my computer is all shut down and then Robbie scoots up (on. his. scooter. GAH!) and he's all "Its not funny."

Me: Yes, it is. You didn't look at it.

Ken: Its probably irritating when someone else doesn't think its funny too, huh?

Me: No! Its funnier.

Then, they start talking about baseball. The Rangers are up by four in case you were wondering.

At some point in there, I jump in Robbie's lap and we zip around one time on the scooter.

Okay. I have to get some work done. I leave and clean a couple pools. I won't bore you with the details. I pick up lunch for Robbie, Jake, and me. We have Taco Casa. I only eat frijoles because I've given up sugar. Its going well in case you wondered about that.

I've lost 4 pounds!!!!

Melanie calls the store a million and thirty times because Robbie didn't answer right away. He's all frazzled so I leave to clean more pools.

While I'm driving, I make some phone calls to some peeps about Monavie business. That's going well too in case you were wondering.

And I call Melanie to tell her about the bloody gnome. (even now, it makes me giggle!)

I text her the link with a message to open it. She texts back "Hahahaha"

I clean some pools and on my way back I call Melanie and someone else answers "Melanie's phone." and I'm all "Is Melanie there??" and the unknown answerer says "Shes busy. Are you almost here?"
And I'm like..."What the hell? I don't know where you are....Where are you?" And the unknown answerer says "HERE!!! Are you almost HERE???"

Me:........Is this Robbie?????
Then Melanie says "Hey."

Me: Are you at the store????? Was that Robbie???? OMG! I thought that was Zane! (her son)

Have I mentioned that we've been married for 21 years?

So, I hang up, call Robbie and tell him about the mix up lest he thinks me rude. or nuts. but he probably already thinks I'm nuts.

When I get there, Melanie's in Robbie's scooter working a crossword puzzle while Robbie is playing computer backgammon.

Then, we lock up the store and head home to live happily ever after where I fight with the dvd player all night. However, the dvd player doesn't care if I look at gnomes all day.

Here's a picture of the funniest gnome on the planet. He's quite mischievous. He is a gnome after all.....and a zombie gnome at that. I dont' think there's such a thing as a respectable zombie gnome. Although I'm sure his mother just thinks he's cute. You be the judge....

Whew! What a day!!! I feel like I accomplished quite a bit. It was very PRO-ductive! I did a little pool business, a little Monavie business, a little keeping up with ma homies on facebook, a little blogging, and a little pinning. A full (no, I didn't say a  FOOL) day! And  my honey and I are still alive and well.

That pretty much sums up an average day at Pearson Pools your one stop pool shop. Although, I left out the part where Robbie inserts the word "boobies" every chance he can squeeze it in.

The word, not the....Well, you get it.

disclaimer: No zombies, gnomes, or boobies were hurt in the making of this blog. The zombie gnome is for sale if you'd like to purchase him to welcome folks into your garden or just to have around the table at dinnertime for a low, low price of $49 at this site bloody gnomes R Us

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Growing Old-Graciously

I'm reading Connect With God every day. Its a wonderful daily devotional of sorts. Its written by Jentezen Franklin.

The entry for September 6 was so great I felt compelled to share it with you.
In Time out Ladies Dale Evans shares this prayer:

"Lord you know better than anybody that I'm getting older and will someday be old. Keep me from being talkative; from the fatal habit of thinking I've got to say something on every subject on every occasion. Release me from the need to straighten out everybody's affairs. Keep my mind free from the recital of endless details; give me wings to get to the point. I ask for grace to listen to the tales of others' pains, and to endure them with patience. But seal my lips when it comes to my own aches and pains, for they're increasing, and my love for rehearsing them is becoming sweeter as the years go by. I ask for improved mem-ory, but even more for a growing humility and a lessening cock-sureness when my memory seems to clash with the memory of others. Teach me that occasionally I may be mistaken. Keep me reasonably sweet. I don't want to be 'a saint' because some of them are so hard to live with - and a sour old person is one of the crowning works of the devil. Make me thoughtful, not moody; helpful, but not bossy. With my vast store of wisdom, it seems a pity not to use it; but you know, Lord, I still want to have a few friends at the end. Give me the ability to see good things in unexpected places, and talents in unexpected people, and give me the grace to tell them so. Amen."

Operation "Get Buff"

Here's what I'm doing. And this is going to be my online accountability and maybe it will help you too!

I've commenced Operation Get Buff!

Here's how I'm doing it. I'm doing my RVL shakes twice a day. They really are delicious and they are only 190 Calories.

My favorite ways to have them are this:

Vanilla RVL with 8 oz of water, ice, and 2T of PB2. Do you know what PB2 is? No? Then, let me just say that is peanut buttery heaven with only 45 Calories! Its powdered peanut butter. And its delicious!

Chocolate Berry RVL with 1 packet of Starbucks Via, 1 packet of stevia, 8 oz of water and ice.

Both of them are blended.

I've been doing RVL for almost a year off and on. I've lost a few pounds here and there but my problem is that I cheat. I cheat A LOT! My favorite food in the whole wide world is a DQ Blizzard. My favorite flavor of that is the Flavor Of The Month. It doesn't matter which month......

Also, I really, really like Immaculate Baking Ginger cookies. I ate 20 of them the other day.
That's right.....20!!!

Don't judge
and stop looking at me

But, even so, with all that and don't forget about the holidays last year, I didn't gain a single ounce!

So, now I'm committed to being buff by Thanksgiving so I'm kicking it into high gear. I started back with my workouts. Oh sure, I've been doing yoga and martial arts and that's great and all. I love it, in fact. But, I teach those so I don't get so great of a workout. So, I'm back in the gym.

I also started doing the Tibetan Rites in the morning too. I went to a yoga workshop years ago and the instructor said this is the thing that will keep you from having to haunt the Clinique counter. Okay. Count me in!!!
I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

I also gave up sugar........


The HORROR!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I know. But, I'm committed. So, there you go.

This is day 2.
Yesterday I set my alarm to get up early. It was hard. Real hard to get out of bed. But, that's half the battle. Then, I had some tea, checked facebook, did a little pinning and got ready to leave.
Right as I'm getting ready to walk out the door....CRAP! I forgot breakfast. I don't have time to eat so I grab a shot of Monavie Active juice and make coffee in my Keurig and add some cream. That's right....cream. Don't be afraid, it's good and it won't make you fat.
Then, I just have to put the horses back in the pasture and let the chickens out. Won't take a minute. does. It takes 30 minutes. Stupid horses all of a sudden can't figure out how to go back into the gate.
So, at the gym I walk/run for 30 minutes and head to work.
I have a RVL shake (with pb of course!)
For lunch I had a scoop of chicken salad and a big bowl of tomato soup from Backstage Cafe in Gainesville.
For a mid afternoon snack, I have an Emv Lite, a 90 Calorie healthy energy drink
When I got home, I ate 2 Fritos ( I forgot that I gave up sugar! oops!)
Then, I had another RVL shake (with pb again. I can't give it up!!! I thought about adding a peach..nah! gimme some peanut butter)
I drank a Dr Zevia, then a decaf latte with cream, stevia, and chai spices.
And right before bed, I had another 2 oz shot of Monavie. Which reminds me, I need to order some more.

All day I didn't feel hungry at all and I had energy!! I honestly think its because I didn't have any simple carbs.

I slept like a lamb all night and this morning was much easier to get up!!! I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and lifted weights for a total of about 45 minute workout.

I'll keep you posted on how its going. I wish I had taken a "before" picture for you. But, I didn't. So you'll just have to imagine it. :)

Here's something to look at while you imagine my "before"

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cure for Cancer!!

This totally isn't what I was gonna post today but its so exciting I just couldn't wait!!!

Some friends of mine and I watched this dvd about a year or so ago and the big thing we got from it is that high dose vitamin c therapy IS A CURE FOR CANCER!!
Not only that, according to FoodMatters and The Gerson Institute, it kills the cancer cells and leaves the rest of your body just fine and dandy!
I've been going around telling everybody I know about this, including Robbie's dad who just recently passed away from this terrible, terrible disease. It seems that nobody really believes me. They always look away and I know what they are thinking because some people even come right out and say it. "If its a cure, then why isn't anybody doing it? Surely, my doctor would prescribe that if it really was a cure."

My answer is always the same, and again, I don't think they really believe me. Here it is:

Its because legally, they can't!!!!

That's right. LEGALLY. even if they believe in it which some doctors are so brainwashed by the drug reps, they don't believe in "alternative therapies."
I don't say that disparagingly of doctors. I'm not anti-doctor. I'm anti-closedmindedness. I believe in healing the body, not treating symptoms.

Legally, doctors can only prescribe chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery for cancer. So, if you get cancer and go to an oncologist, one of those therapies and ONLY one of those therapies will be prescribed for you. You can, however, go to The Gerson Institute to have the vitamin therapy I was telling you about. But, I would for sure watch FoodMatters dvd for more info.

Okay....There's all that. That's old news. I've been preaching that for awhile as I've said.

Here's the exciting part. Doctors are now starting to take notice!!!!!
I was just on facebook where I follow and saw an article about how oncologists are starting to research iv vitamin c therapy in conjuction with chemo. Its not perfect, but its a start. A step in the right direction.

If I was diagnosed with cancer right now, which I won't. I live a lifestyle that exempts me from cancer. ha/ha. No really. Ha/Ha because its true!!! I'm not bragging. You can too!
 But, if I was, I absolutely would not have any of the western treatments. Well, maybe surgery. But, not chemo or radiation. I wouldn't because those things are extremely toxic to our healthy cells in addition to the cancerous ones and its not even 100%. And there have been other, proven natural treatments.

Cancer is scary business. Even scarier is that in the 1960's 1 in 300 people were diagnosed with cancer. As of 2010, the CDC reports that 1 in 2 are diagnosed with cancer and its related to diet and lifestyle. Things that make you go muuuhhuuuhhhh!
But, the thing is, it doesn't have to be a death sentence!!!! I've heard multiple, amazing, miraculous stories of people overcoming it using natural therapies. Its quite exciting!!

But, for starters, check out the link Natural News Vitamin C Cancer Treatment.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


This is a picture of my husband and me. 

Not really. Its really Al and Peg Bundy. But, really. That's my husband and me.

But, I don't have red hair. I HAD red hair. When I was pregnant. It was fun! People thought my husband was having an affair! :)

This post is about marriage. Now, I'm not a marriage expert. But then again, I don't believe anyone else is either. Well, maybe Dr Laura is. I love Dr Laura!!

But, I HAVE been married for 21 years. My parents have been married for well over 40 years. Robbie's parents have been married to other people for over 30 years. And I have friends that have been married for over 20 years. Soooooo...I think I know a thing or two. And I think its an important topic.

The reason I think its soo important is because you see all the time on tv and celeb magazines about people getting married and just as quickly getting divorced. In some cases, the divorce is preceded by affairs.
I know, I know...who cares what the celebs are doing? But, it seems like a trend and I see young people being desensitized by it.

The real catalyst for this post came when I was talking to someone about our marriage. The person I was talking to is in his forties and longs desperately to be married. He's a sweet, hard working, good looking guy so its really baffling as to why he's never been married. But, I think I've figured out that he's romanticized it too much. I've seen the same thing with another friend that has commitment issues. She wants "the white picket fence" and the "perfect marriage". THAT is the problem. THAT is why people end up divorced. There really is no such thing as a "perfect marriage". I know that because there is no such thing as "perfect people". I'm not perfect. My husband is not perfect. And guess what? neither are you.
No offense. But, neither is your spouse. Or your future spouse. To expect anything different just isn't fair.

I told my friend that the reason my husband and I are still married is because neither of us would leave. Here's the argument we used to have.
Me: "If you don't like it, then just leave!!!!"
Robbie: "I'm not leaving!!! YOU leave!!"
Me: "I'm not leaving!!! YOU leave!!"
Robbie "Well, I'M not leaving! So shut up!"
Me: "YOU shut up!!!!"

because I have to have the last word. My mother knows what I'm talking 'bout. :)

I tell this story with a laugh, because that's where we've been. We aren't there anymore. We already know that neither of us is going to leave. When I told my friend this story (with laughter in my voice) he said "That's just sad.......That's no way to have a marriage....Is it?"

It made me wonder. For a minute, it made me feel bad about my marriage. I thought 'It must be. I've been married for 21 years. But, is it really good that we feel this way?' I've contemplated it for a week or two and this is the answer I'm giving myself and I'm sharing it with you.


That IS the way to a great marriage. THAT, my friend, is commitment! And commitment is the key ingredient to a long, successful marriage. You notice that I didn't say happy. Now, don't get me wrong and think I'm saying that marriage isn't happy. But, I AM saying that it isn't ALWAYS happy.
That's where I think the disconnect is. People think that it has to be always happy or else it isn't working. Then, they justify divorce or affairs or both. The really sad part is, that usually happens after having kids. Kids are tough on a marriage. But, then the kids are just an afterthought in the decision of divorce.

Anytime you put two people together with different life experiences, disagreements are going to happen.

People look at my husband and me and maybe think our marriage isn't great. We are very vocal about what we like and dislike. But, honestly, we don't pretend. What you see in us, is who we are. We don't behave any differently around other people than we behave at home. Well, there is no groping in public!! :)
There is nothing "hidden" at home. When people tell me that they never fight, I'm immediately suspicious. I think either a) they aren't being honest. b) one person is being "pushed over" and only one person in the marriage is truly happy. or c) both parties are suppressing their true emotions and something's about to blow.

I've seen all three happen. I've seen outwardly happy marriages end in divorce, affairs, and insecurity about one spouse leaving the other (hence the fear of speaking up and starting a fight).

The thing is, its okay to fight as long its mature. Its taken us a while to get to the mature point but I think we're there now. But, arguing maturely is inevitable in a long term relationship. Two people are never going to always see eye to eye. We shouldn't have to worry that our spouse will leave us if we speak up. Nor should they worry about us leaving them. Its also important for our kids to see that. Commitment is security.

When you're secure in a relationship, you can feel comfortable being yourself without fear of being left for someone "better".

By the way.....There isn't someone "better". We all have boogers and gas. And even Victoria's Secret models poop!!! :)

What are YOUR secrets to a successful marriage?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A New Interest

set aside by
set aside, a photo by on Flickr.

I titled this post, A new interest. I probably should have entitled it a New Pinterest!!! Its crazy how addictive that site is.

Its basically an online bulletin board. I didn't think it would be that fun. But, it really is. I'm still learning about it. Since I got my laptop and my Sprint HotSpot, I've put some things aside. I don't WANT to put them aside.....But, I'm soooooo addicted to this thing!!!!

I feel bad about it, too! Look at what I've put aside! (Well, in my defense, while they are ASIDE, they are right next to me!!! So, they are right at my fingertips in a moments notice. Also, in my defense, I actually knitted 2 rows today on my scarf. At that rate, I'll have it finished and ready for a Christmas present in the year 2030! )

Well, I haven't really put aside God either. But, I am about a week behind in my Connect With God book. Its kind of a daily devotional. Then, look at that beautiful scarf I'm knitting. What you cant see is that is cashmere! Its very expensive and luxurious. However, I must say, I thought it would be way more fun to work with than it really is. Cashmere is like trying to knit thread. I think knitting kite string would be easier! I once read about a lady who knits her dogs hair which sounds kinda icky. I don't know why it would be icky, though. I mean, who thought of shearing sheep or goats and making their hair into clothing?? How can a beloved pet be any different? But, what I find really icky is the lady that knits her own hair into her projects.  EEEEEEEEWWWWW! She said she likes to leave a little bit of herself into her creations. Uh......why not leave a little blood on it? Why not poop on it when you're done with it?

Too far?

Yeah, I kinda thought so.

I really went astray there anyway, sooooooo I should probably get back to the topic.

Pinterest!!! Its fun! You should check it out!

Click on the Follow Me On Pinterest. When you get on there. Set yourself up and go to the help section first thing and learn how to do it. Its easy.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Real Food vs Supplements

I was reading my Well Being Journal magazine the other day. Its a really interesting little publication jammed packed with healthy little tidbits of information. What I really love about it is that on just about each page there is a side bar of short articles. And then there are longer content articles just like any other magazine without all the junky advertising.

What I just read was about the notion of vitamin supplements as a replacement for food. I think we can all agree on the fact, that its better to get our nutrition from food, right?

I think a lot of people feel like they are going to eat McDonalds or some other not so healthy things in lieu of a salad for lunch so they should pop a vitamin to make up for the missed nutrients. That's logical.

The problem with that, though, is that it assumes  our bodies react very simplistically to each vitamin and mineral in our bodies. It would assume that for every vitamin in a generic amount there is a set reaction occurring in our body. That just isn't the case.
Our bodies are like interconnected webs. They are very complex. Its a tad on the confusing side, even.

And, as if it wasn't confusing enough, and we all know this already, every single one of our bodies is made differently. We all need the same nutrients but we need them in differing amounts and formulations with other nutrients.

What studies have shown is that single nutrients, especially in a man made imitation form, is not only not helpful to our bodies, but can be harmful!!! You can actually overdose on vitamins. Even if you don't overdose on them, they can have an adverse effect! You can NOT however, overdose on fruits and veggies. The reason is that there aren't JUST vitamins in our foods. There isn't JUST vitamin C in an orange for instance.

In fact, an interesting little tidbit is that ascorbic acid, the ingredient found in vitamin C tablets is actually toxic! Who knew? YOU do!

There are other things in our foods that work synergistically together with all the other nutrients to make us healthy. The food is in itself a living web of an organism. Add to that our bodies are living webs of organisms with each organ and system working in concert with each other using food to create, repair, heal, and grow on a cellular level. Its all very complex. Our bodies pull out the nutrients from the foods we eat, send it where it needs to go, uses it, and discards the rest.

For it to be able to that, other nutrients and enzymes are needed in addition. They come from the foods themselves and in some cases our own bodies. That means, everything has to work together.

Now imagine you go to McDonalds for lunch. ( I use McDonalds as just a generic processed food. I could easily change that with ALL processed, man made, and chemical laden foods!!!) When you do that, you throw a monkey wrench into the works. Your body is still trying to use what it can. So, it pulls out what it THINKS is nutrients or the closest thing it can find and sends it into the systems of our bodies to be used. It goes into the cells, jacks everything up and recreates itself into a mutant!!

You know what mutant cells are?


Lets say its not that bad in your body. Lets say they don't mutate. Lets say, they just become weakened. A couple things happen there.
One could be you just have a weakened immune system leaving you vulnerable to contagious illness. The other could be that you have a weakened immune system that goes haywire and leads to auto-immune diseases like multiple sclerosis, parkinson's, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Maybe you already knew that. I mean, seriously. Who DOESN'T know that fast food is bad for you. 

But, maybe you didn't know this.......
Vitamins, even the "whole food" vitamins are not really that good for you. Because it takes away the "interconnectedness" of the food. Because even the whole food vitamins are man made with a little bit of dried vegetable and/or fruit powder mixed in and pressed into a tablet or capsule. Most vitamins are just man made representations of the natural vitamins. So, those are even worse.

You may be saying..."Wait a minute! I can go have blood work done and test the levels of all vitamins in my body." Yeah, well, maybe. In fact, that is true. You may have plenty of vitamins in your body. But, the real, bigger question is "Are those vitamins doing anything in my body??" If not, you'll know. You'll see them exiting your body in your urine. I know you've seen the bright yellow pee in your toilet after you've taken some vitamins.

If you just eat plenty of organic, fresh fruits and vegetables, grass fed beef, free range chickens, raw dairy, drink lots of water, get some exercise, and go outside for a bit and you won't even need supplements.
If you've read this blog any length of time, you'll know that we're enamored of Monavie. just 4 oz a day has the antioxidant equivalent of 13 servings of fruits and veggies. We use that as a supplement to our diet because its just 19 organic fruits from around the world. I'm not writing this article in an attempt to sell you Monavie. Although, if you want some, there is a link, over on the left hand side, to my Monavie website. I tell you all that, because I haven't found anything else on the market that does what Monavie does. Its not a "vitamin supplement". Its a food that has all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and phytonutrients in it. Its not a cure of any disease or ailment. Its just good nutrition. It helps us to fill in the gaps of our diet and we can feel the difference in our bodies when we're drinking it.

I hope this helps in the confusing land of reports of do or not to do. If you eat crap all the time, you have to do SOMETHING to get nutrients into your body. So, don't read this and think 'I shouldn't take vitamin supplements.' No. What I'm saying is, you may not be doing your body any favors by taking vitamins and still eating junk. Or maybe I'm just telling you to stop eating junk!!!! Or maybe I'm saying you can eat junk and just supplement with salads...and fruit....LOTS of salads and fruit! Or maybe I'm saying Eat lots of salads and fruits...and supplement (very occasionally) with a little junk..........Yeah, the last one....I think THAT'S what I'm really saying! :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

More Spending???

Okay, our president is at it again!!!

More spending!!

Hey! I have an idea. Why not just go into a corner and beat your head against the wall and see how that works out.
Seriously, it can't be any worse than what he's doing.
What I wonder about (daily) is if he spends so much money because he thinks he really is helping our nation (and it keeps failing) or if he's just such a socialist (and dare I say Muslim, perhaps radical?) that he is purposely spending so much in an attempt to ruin our nation, in which case he has been highly successful!

Before anyone gets their ponytail in a spin, this is not a post about the possibility that our president is a radical muslim. I think you all know by now how I feel about the whole "radical" qualifier but I'm willing to concede the point as I'm not an expert on such matters.

This post is about our president continuing to spend money as if we have it! Not only that, he's spending money on losing propositions. Here's the latest:

He's going to spend 1 million dollars to house 12 homeless people............

Read that again. Go ahead, I'll wait.


Get it?

Okay, now get this. The county in Maryland is going to use that money and put it with 3 million of their own tax dollars and build an apartment complex for them. sweet. They get a gym and a computer center too. Yeah, because you know those homeless people like to get their workouts on and then Twitter with their homies when they are done.
Okay, that was kinda mean. But, the cost of this housing for them is $330,000/year.

Are you spending $330,000/ year on YOUR housing? Well, if you are and you can afford it, kudos! But, I'll bet you work your butt off to be able to do that. I don't!

I'm all for helping the homeless, put a roof over their heads, and food in their bellies, with dignity even, not like the horrible housing in the movie Pursuit Of Happyness.


What are people thinking???? How can that be productive? And what about all the other homeless? What happens to them? Why are they still living in boxes on the streets while those 12 are "movin on up" to Swaggerville?

Heres a novel idea. Instead of paying $4 mill for housing for 12 homeless people, Offer the $4 mill to people who create the most jobs in this country! Make it a contest. I guarantee, that we'd have massive amounts of jobs created.

Why not reward the people that are creative, hard working, and successful instead of punishing them by taking away their hard earned money via taxes? Instead, this government rewards the losers in life. I know that's mean too and I hate to say it. I feel sorry for them. I do. I truly do. I don't want them on the streets and I would gladly be willing to pay for shelters, foods, and JOB TRAINING PROGRAMS! But, 4 million is WAY over the top when there are real, hard working americans out there barely scraping by because jobs are scarce.

Its just another example of stupidity, overspending, and yes, socialism in our government. And personally, I'm getting really tired of it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

TV Shortens Life Span!

This is a really weird study by the University of Queensland. They have found that for every hour you watch television, you reduce the length of your life by 22 minutes!!!!

Think about how much tv your family watches! Oh my gosh!

Well....I don't know. Maybe your family doesn't watch a lot of tv. Mine does. It pains me but I have males in my house and they LOVE it. Gotta have it! Its like a drug.
My son doesn't watch as much as he used to. He did go through some weird Dragonball Z marathon just recently. He felt the need to watch every single episode ever aired all at once. He's completed that so he's on to other things. He plays guitar and is extremely good at it. Hence, he practices a lot leaving no time for tv really. At least thats something he's got going for him healthwise. The boy wont TOUCH a vegetable for fear of some torturous demise! He found out, one time, from overhearing my conversation with another mom that I sneak veggies into our food, a little carrots in the spagetti sauce here, a little zucchini in the meatloaf get the picture. He came home all beside himself and said to his dad "Do you KNOW what she's putting in our food?!??" My husband looked at me like I'd been slowly poisoning them. I said "vegetables...that's what I've been putting in your food." Goofy kid.

You can see why I worry......

At least he's not watching lots of tv.

His father, on the other hand.....Woooooooo! That man loves his tv. We got a new, bigger, flat screen tv for the living room and he wants one in the bedroom. I won't have it. I didn't know about that study then.

Wait a minute!!! So, if say he's watching sports and I'm knitting or reading, or my new fun thing, Pinterest, will it shorten my life too??? Like second hand smoke for tv watchers! Will I die of Second Hand Telvision Watching??? OH MY! That just opens a whole new can of worms doesn't it? Think of the legislation! The government will start banning tv in bars. People will start protesting. They will claim their rights are being violated by all the tv watchers.

Well, I don't know about all that, but I DO KNOW that my rights are being violated by the big tv watcher in my house! I NEVER GET THE REMOTE!!!!! Maybe I SHOULD write my congressman. Nah! It'll never work. I will write my congresswoman! She'll get it. I bet she never gets the remote either.

Okay...what was I talking about?

Oh yeah! tv shortens your life span. Man, that was a long way to get back around to this wasn't it? You're probably thinking you just lost about 22 minutes of your life reading this post!

Sometimes studies come out and freak people out and end up being about nothing. Remember "cow farts"?

Nevertheless, whether or not your life will truly be shortened, it couldn't hurt to actually turn off the tv, go outside, play with your kids, play with your dog, read a book, start a business, call a friend, or just watch the birds.

If you're life span doesn't change, at least you'll get more enjoyment out of it and you'll probably be smarter even. They don't call it the Boob Tube for nothin'!!

If you want to read the report I read go to

You really should check it out. I joke about it, but it really is an interesting thing to ponder.

Hey!!! You can ponder that while your husband is watching football! ...........Just do it from another be case its true........and its a good reason for not having to sit there and watch it!

Free Giveaway!!

My friend Nicki is giving away one of these Lilla Rose hair clips! They are super neat and very pretty. I'm trying to win one and in my attempt to do this, you also have the opportunity to win one!!!!

How cool is that? All you have to do is go to her blog 400 Things and follow the directions!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thought Of The Day

I just got my new Yoga Journal in the mail yesterday. I LOVE all things yoga so getting my YJ in the mail is like a mini Christmas each month. I can't wait to open it up see what's new and zen.

The first thing I do is flip through it (usually during dinner because I don't wanna have to wait!)

I read the short, interesting articles, look at the cool pictures, and make a mental note to come back later and read the longer articles. I even save all my YJ because I don't think I've ever completely read one cover to cover and I don't want to miss a thing! :)

But, here's what caught my eye and made me think of you.

There is a section called People. And this girl Kris Carr is a cancer survivor and she wrote this article about juicing.  Ive been preaching this for years along with a few other "food renegades" :)

"Inflammation is stress that comes from what you're eating, drinking, and thinking. Its a root cause of chronic disease."

'Well, that's just great!' you're thinking. ( I know bc I can now read minds. But, thats a topic for another day.) The other thing you're thinking is 'But, how do I reduce or prevent inflammation?'

I have the answer!!! And its simple!!!

All you have to do is eat more fruits and veggies (preferrable organic!), reduce processed foods, breads, and sugar, get some sleep, meditate and/or pray (BTW, some people think meditation is some anti-Christ thing. Its not. Get over it. God says in the Bible "Be still and know that I am God" How can you pray for something and not quiet your mind so you can hear His response. I don't think you can. I'm just sayin'), get some exercise, and love somebody.

That's it! Its that easy. A little laughter never hurt anybody either! The thing is...a lot of those things are all tied together. An inflammatory diet can lead to all sorts of other conditions like depression. Who would've thought? But, its true. Even some behavior problems in kids are linked to food sensitivities. Its weird, I know, but trust me. Get rid of the sugars and chemicals and eat more produce. You can do it!! And if you can't, get a bottle of Monavie. Just 4 oz a day has the anti-oxidant equivalent of 13 servings of fruits and vegetables. That's what we do and we feel fantastic!! If you want some check out my website on the left.

If you're interested in Kris Carr and want to learn more, She just wrote a book called Crazy Sexy Diet.
She's also a blogger. Her blog is 

You don't have to make a gazillion changes in your life to be healthy. All you gotta do is start with ONE!
In the words of my friend, Charlie Kalb...."Just do SOMETHING!!!!" :)