Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Operation "Get Buff"

Here's what I'm doing. And this is going to be my online accountability and maybe it will help you too!

I've commenced Operation Get Buff!

Here's how I'm doing it. I'm doing my RVL shakes twice a day. They really are delicious and they are only 190 Calories.

My favorite ways to have them are this:

Vanilla RVL with 8 oz of water, ice, and 2T of PB2. Do you know what PB2 is? No? Then, let me just say that is peanut buttery heaven with only 45 Calories! Its powdered peanut butter. And its delicious!

Chocolate Berry RVL with 1 packet of Starbucks Via, 1 packet of stevia, 8 oz of water and ice.

Both of them are blended.

I've been doing RVL for almost a year off and on. I've lost a few pounds here and there but my problem is that I cheat. I cheat A LOT! My favorite food in the whole wide world is a DQ Blizzard. My favorite flavor of that is the Flavor Of The Month. It doesn't matter which month......

Also, I really, really like Immaculate Baking Ginger cookies. I ate 20 of them the other day.
That's right.....20!!!

Don't judge
and stop looking at me

But, even so, with all that and don't forget about the holidays last year, I didn't gain a single ounce!

So, now I'm committed to being buff by Thanksgiving so I'm kicking it into high gear. I started back with my workouts. Oh sure, I've been doing yoga and martial arts and that's great and all. I love it, in fact. But, I teach those so I don't get so great of a workout. So, I'm back in the gym.

I also started doing the Tibetan Rites in the morning too. I went to a yoga workshop years ago and the instructor said this is the thing that will keep you from having to haunt the Clinique counter. Okay. Count me in!!!
I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

I also gave up sugar........


The HORROR!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I know. But, I'm committed. So, there you go.

This is day 2.
Yesterday I set my alarm to get up early. It was hard. Real hard to get out of bed. But, that's half the battle. Then, I had some tea, checked facebook, did a little pinning and got ready to leave.
Right as I'm getting ready to walk out the door....CRAP! I forgot breakfast. I don't have time to eat so I grab a shot of Monavie Active juice and make coffee in my Keurig and add some cream. That's right....cream. Don't be afraid, it's good and it won't make you fat.
Then, I just have to put the horses back in the pasture and let the chickens out. Won't take a minute. Only.....it does. It takes 30 minutes. Stupid horses all of a sudden can't figure out how to go back into the gate.
So, at the gym I walk/run for 30 minutes and head to work.
I have a RVL shake (with pb of course!)
For lunch I had a scoop of chicken salad and a big bowl of tomato soup from Backstage Cafe in Gainesville.
For a mid afternoon snack, I have an Emv Lite, a 90 Calorie healthy energy drink
When I got home, I ate 2 Fritos ( I forgot that I gave up sugar! oops!)
Then, I had another RVL shake (with pb again. I can't give it up!!! I thought about adding a peach..nah! gimme some peanut butter)
I drank a Dr Zevia, then a decaf latte with cream, stevia, and chai spices.
And right before bed, I had another 2 oz shot of Monavie. Which reminds me, I need to order some more.

All day I didn't feel hungry at all and I had energy!! I honestly think its because I didn't have any simple carbs.

I slept like a lamb all night and this morning was much easier to get up!!! I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and lifted weights for a total of about 45 minute workout.

I'll keep you posted on how its going. I wish I had taken a "before" picture for you. But, I didn't. So you'll just have to imagine it. :)

Here's something to look at while you imagine my "before"

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