Monday, September 12, 2011

More Spending???

Okay, our president is at it again!!!

More spending!!

Hey! I have an idea. Why not just go into a corner and beat your head against the wall and see how that works out.
Seriously, it can't be any worse than what he's doing.
What I wonder about (daily) is if he spends so much money because he thinks he really is helping our nation (and it keeps failing) or if he's just such a socialist (and dare I say Muslim, perhaps radical?) that he is purposely spending so much in an attempt to ruin our nation, in which case he has been highly successful!

Before anyone gets their ponytail in a spin, this is not a post about the possibility that our president is a radical muslim. I think you all know by now how I feel about the whole "radical" qualifier but I'm willing to concede the point as I'm not an expert on such matters.

This post is about our president continuing to spend money as if we have it! Not only that, he's spending money on losing propositions. Here's the latest:

He's going to spend 1 million dollars to house 12 homeless people............

Read that again. Go ahead, I'll wait.


Get it?

Okay, now get this. The county in Maryland is going to use that money and put it with 3 million of their own tax dollars and build an apartment complex for them. sweet. They get a gym and a computer center too. Yeah, because you know those homeless people like to get their workouts on and then Twitter with their homies when they are done.
Okay, that was kinda mean. But, the cost of this housing for them is $330,000/year.

Are you spending $330,000/ year on YOUR housing? Well, if you are and you can afford it, kudos! But, I'll bet you work your butt off to be able to do that. I don't!

I'm all for helping the homeless, put a roof over their heads, and food in their bellies, with dignity even, not like the horrible housing in the movie Pursuit Of Happyness.


What are people thinking???? How can that be productive? And what about all the other homeless? What happens to them? Why are they still living in boxes on the streets while those 12 are "movin on up" to Swaggerville?

Heres a novel idea. Instead of paying $4 mill for housing for 12 homeless people, Offer the $4 mill to people who create the most jobs in this country! Make it a contest. I guarantee, that we'd have massive amounts of jobs created.

Why not reward the people that are creative, hard working, and successful instead of punishing them by taking away their hard earned money via taxes? Instead, this government rewards the losers in life. I know that's mean too and I hate to say it. I feel sorry for them. I do. I truly do. I don't want them on the streets and I would gladly be willing to pay for shelters, foods, and JOB TRAINING PROGRAMS! But, 4 million is WAY over the top when there are real, hard working americans out there barely scraping by because jobs are scarce.

Its just another example of stupidity, overspending, and yes, socialism in our government. And personally, I'm getting really tired of it.

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