Wednesday, September 7, 2011

TV Shortens Life Span!

This is a really weird study by the University of Queensland. They have found that for every hour you watch television, you reduce the length of your life by 22 minutes!!!!

Think about how much tv your family watches! Oh my gosh!

Well....I don't know. Maybe your family doesn't watch a lot of tv. Mine does. It pains me but I have males in my house and they LOVE it. Gotta have it! Its like a drug.
My son doesn't watch as much as he used to. He did go through some weird Dragonball Z marathon just recently. He felt the need to watch every single episode ever aired all at once. He's completed that so he's on to other things. He plays guitar and is extremely good at it. Hence, he practices a lot leaving no time for tv really. At least thats something he's got going for him healthwise. The boy wont TOUCH a vegetable for fear of some torturous demise! He found out, one time, from overhearing my conversation with another mom that I sneak veggies into our food, a little carrots in the spagetti sauce here, a little zucchini in the meatloaf get the picture. He came home all beside himself and said to his dad "Do you KNOW what she's putting in our food?!??" My husband looked at me like I'd been slowly poisoning them. I said "vegetables...that's what I've been putting in your food." Goofy kid.

You can see why I worry......

At least he's not watching lots of tv.

His father, on the other hand.....Woooooooo! That man loves his tv. We got a new, bigger, flat screen tv for the living room and he wants one in the bedroom. I won't have it. I didn't know about that study then.

Wait a minute!!! So, if say he's watching sports and I'm knitting or reading, or my new fun thing, Pinterest, will it shorten my life too??? Like second hand smoke for tv watchers! Will I die of Second Hand Telvision Watching??? OH MY! That just opens a whole new can of worms doesn't it? Think of the legislation! The government will start banning tv in bars. People will start protesting. They will claim their rights are being violated by all the tv watchers.

Well, I don't know about all that, but I DO KNOW that my rights are being violated by the big tv watcher in my house! I NEVER GET THE REMOTE!!!!! Maybe I SHOULD write my congressman. Nah! It'll never work. I will write my congresswoman! She'll get it. I bet she never gets the remote either.

Okay...what was I talking about?

Oh yeah! tv shortens your life span. Man, that was a long way to get back around to this wasn't it? You're probably thinking you just lost about 22 minutes of your life reading this post!

Sometimes studies come out and freak people out and end up being about nothing. Remember "cow farts"?

Nevertheless, whether or not your life will truly be shortened, it couldn't hurt to actually turn off the tv, go outside, play with your kids, play with your dog, read a book, start a business, call a friend, or just watch the birds.

If you're life span doesn't change, at least you'll get more enjoyment out of it and you'll probably be smarter even. They don't call it the Boob Tube for nothin'!!

If you want to read the report I read go to

You really should check it out. I joke about it, but it really is an interesting thing to ponder.

Hey!!! You can ponder that while your husband is watching football! ...........Just do it from another be case its true........and its a good reason for not having to sit there and watch it!

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