Monday, September 19, 2011

Cure for Cancer!!

This totally isn't what I was gonna post today but its so exciting I just couldn't wait!!!

Some friends of mine and I watched this dvd about a year or so ago and the big thing we got from it is that high dose vitamin c therapy IS A CURE FOR CANCER!!
Not only that, according to FoodMatters and The Gerson Institute, it kills the cancer cells and leaves the rest of your body just fine and dandy!
I've been going around telling everybody I know about this, including Robbie's dad who just recently passed away from this terrible, terrible disease. It seems that nobody really believes me. They always look away and I know what they are thinking because some people even come right out and say it. "If its a cure, then why isn't anybody doing it? Surely, my doctor would prescribe that if it really was a cure."

My answer is always the same, and again, I don't think they really believe me. Here it is:

Its because legally, they can't!!!!

That's right. LEGALLY. even if they believe in it which some doctors are so brainwashed by the drug reps, they don't believe in "alternative therapies."
I don't say that disparagingly of doctors. I'm not anti-doctor. I'm anti-closedmindedness. I believe in healing the body, not treating symptoms.

Legally, doctors can only prescribe chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery for cancer. So, if you get cancer and go to an oncologist, one of those therapies and ONLY one of those therapies will be prescribed for you. You can, however, go to The Gerson Institute to have the vitamin therapy I was telling you about. But, I would for sure watch FoodMatters dvd for more info.

Okay....There's all that. That's old news. I've been preaching that for awhile as I've said.

Here's the exciting part. Doctors are now starting to take notice!!!!!
I was just on facebook where I follow and saw an article about how oncologists are starting to research iv vitamin c therapy in conjuction with chemo. Its not perfect, but its a start. A step in the right direction.

If I was diagnosed with cancer right now, which I won't. I live a lifestyle that exempts me from cancer. ha/ha. No really. Ha/Ha because its true!!! I'm not bragging. You can too!
 But, if I was, I absolutely would not have any of the western treatments. Well, maybe surgery. But, not chemo or radiation. I wouldn't because those things are extremely toxic to our healthy cells in addition to the cancerous ones and its not even 100%. And there have been other, proven natural treatments.

Cancer is scary business. Even scarier is that in the 1960's 1 in 300 people were diagnosed with cancer. As of 2010, the CDC reports that 1 in 2 are diagnosed with cancer and its related to diet and lifestyle. Things that make you go muuuhhuuuhhhh!
But, the thing is, it doesn't have to be a death sentence!!!! I've heard multiple, amazing, miraculous stories of people overcoming it using natural therapies. Its quite exciting!!

But, for starters, check out the link Natural News Vitamin C Cancer Treatment.

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  1. I believe in Vitamin C...just not sure you can say it cures cancer. Everybody diagnosed with cancer has different things that factor in the diagnosis. I also don't believe that anybody is exempt from C A N C E R. I have witnessed healthy people succumb to it as well as non-healthy people. Sorry to rain on your parade...just keepin' it real.