Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Average Day Of Spouses Together In The Workplace

Do you ever sit around the house or work or wheretheheckever and think how romantic it would be if you and your darling husband had a little business and could build a fortune, an empire, a life, really?

I know deep down, every now and then, you think....'How great would THAT be?'

Or do you wonder if you two lovebirds can pull it off?

Well, I'm going to tell you how great it is. I'm going to give you a glimpse into my day and you can judge for yourself.

Oh, I forgot to tell you this little tidbit. It's crucial to my story, in fact. Without just sounds like the odd musings of a crazy woman who may or may not have enjoyed a "special brownie". (I didn't by the way...GAH!!!)

Oh yeah! The tidbit....My husband and I own Pearson Pools, your one stop pool shop together. Biz is a teensy bit slow right now being that its now Sept. So, I'm at the store more than usual.

So, here's the glimpse. This....from today.....

Robbie: *making phone calls, working on getting the right parts for the pool builder.*

Me: *on my laptop checking facebook. I already made coffee so I take a well deserved break....Dangit!!! Facebook changed again. Freaking facebook! I have no idea what I'm doing. Okay, work needs to be done anyway.... I think I need some tea*

Robbie: *looking at my computer to see what I'm doing. He tells me we need to log some stuff into the computer for billing.*

Me: Okay! I'll do it in a little bit. (I hate when my son says this by the way. Where did he get THAT from? His dad. Yeah, must be his dad.) Because I'm busy right now doing some very important work and stop looking at my computer! I hate when you monitor me. *continue pinning some freaking awesome stuff on Pinterest*

We get three deliveries all in a row. Because I have to do EVERYTHING, I go and open the back door so they can get in. I continue pinning. Oh yeah! I forgot I had tea!! :)

Robbie: *talking to the drivers, signing invoices, writing checks ( by the way...I didn't get a check...Hey! what am I working for anyways???) making out a deposit for me to take to the bank.*

Me: *I see it.......Oh My Gosh!!! That is the funniest thing I think I've ever seen!!!!! It is a zombie garden gnome covered in blood and one of its little eyeballs is hanging out of its socket! I know...right?? I start snickering.*

Robbie: * In a Charlie Brown grown up voice* Wonh Wonh Wonh, filter...

Me: thinking ' Be cool! He's fixing to get pissed. Don't laugh, Don't laugh...I know, I'll turn around and pretend that I have to go to the bathroom.' So, I do. I turn around to head to the bathroom...I'm halfway there. I'm gonna make it!!! Then...

Robbie: Hey! Did you hear me? Wonh Wonh Wonh filter...

Me: Yes....BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I lost it, Man down, Man down!

Robbie: What the hell??? What are you laughing at?

Me: A bloody gnome! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! *in the bathroom...because I'm still trying to pull that off, laughing so hard, tears have sprung. OMG, that's funny!*

Robbie: Wonh Wonh Wonh *I really have no idea what he's saying. It has something to with me not working or wasting time or some such nonsense.*

Me: *I try hard to play it straight. Okay....I'm focused. No really! I'm trying hard!!!* Okay, I'm listening. What is it? *then......Oh NO! I turn my head and there, staring at me with his one good eye is the bloody gnome! I can't help it! Its right THERE just enticing me to look at him. Again...more giggles. I can't stop.*

Robbie: Oh My God!!! *So he stomps off. Well as much as a man with a cane and a scooter can stomp.*

The scooter is fun too by the way. But, I digress.

Robbie: Okay, I'm going to the bathroom while you do some work. His isn't an act. He really had to go in case you were wondering.

Me: Okay. *so I enter a new customer into the billing program. And........I'm sure I did something else productive. I know I must've. It FELT like I did.....hmmmm....don't worry. I know that I must have worked my ass off. Then, Oh not again! I happen to look over at my laptop........Again...Uncontrollable laughter. Tears streaming down my face. I decide that I've got to shut down my laptop before Robbie gets back or I'm gonna be in real trouble. I'm still trying to pull myself together and Ken the mailman walks in. He asks "What's funny?"

and I'm all "Nothing.....A bloody gnome! BWAHAHAHAHA!" and he's all "WHAAAAAAT?"
and I'm all "Its nothing really. I don't know why it's funny. BWAHAHAHAHA" He wants to see it, but my computer is all shut down and then Robbie scoots up (on. his. scooter. GAH!) and he's all "Its not funny."

Me: Yes, it is. You didn't look at it.

Ken: Its probably irritating when someone else doesn't think its funny too, huh?

Me: No! Its funnier.

Then, they start talking about baseball. The Rangers are up by four in case you were wondering.

At some point in there, I jump in Robbie's lap and we zip around one time on the scooter.

Okay. I have to get some work done. I leave and clean a couple pools. I won't bore you with the details. I pick up lunch for Robbie, Jake, and me. We have Taco Casa. I only eat frijoles because I've given up sugar. Its going well in case you wondered about that.

I've lost 4 pounds!!!!

Melanie calls the store a million and thirty times because Robbie didn't answer right away. He's all frazzled so I leave to clean more pools.

While I'm driving, I make some phone calls to some peeps about Monavie business. That's going well too in case you were wondering.

And I call Melanie to tell her about the bloody gnome. (even now, it makes me giggle!)

I text her the link with a message to open it. She texts back "Hahahaha"

I clean some pools and on my way back I call Melanie and someone else answers "Melanie's phone." and I'm all "Is Melanie there??" and the unknown answerer says "Shes busy. Are you almost here?"
And I'm like..."What the hell? I don't know where you are....Where are you?" And the unknown answerer says "HERE!!! Are you almost HERE???"

Me:........Is this Robbie?????
Then Melanie says "Hey."

Me: Are you at the store????? Was that Robbie???? OMG! I thought that was Zane! (her son)

Have I mentioned that we've been married for 21 years?

So, I hang up, call Robbie and tell him about the mix up lest he thinks me rude. or nuts. but he probably already thinks I'm nuts.

When I get there, Melanie's in Robbie's scooter working a crossword puzzle while Robbie is playing computer backgammon.

Then, we lock up the store and head home to live happily ever after where I fight with the dvd player all night. However, the dvd player doesn't care if I look at gnomes all day.

Here's a picture of the funniest gnome on the planet. He's quite mischievous. He is a gnome after all.....and a zombie gnome at that. I dont' think there's such a thing as a respectable zombie gnome. Although I'm sure his mother just thinks he's cute. You be the judge....

Whew! What a day!!! I feel like I accomplished quite a bit. It was very PRO-ductive! I did a little pool business, a little Monavie business, a little keeping up with ma homies on facebook, a little blogging, and a little pinning. A full (no, I didn't say a  FOOL) day! And  my honey and I are still alive and well.

That pretty much sums up an average day at Pearson Pools your one stop pool shop. Although, I left out the part where Robbie inserts the word "boobies" every chance he can squeeze it in.

The word, not the....Well, you get it.

disclaimer: No zombies, gnomes, or boobies were hurt in the making of this blog. The zombie gnome is for sale if you'd like to purchase him to welcome folks into your garden or just to have around the table at dinnertime for a low, low price of $49 at this site bloody gnomes R Us

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