Saturday, September 17, 2011

A New Interest

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I titled this post, A new interest. I probably should have entitled it a New Pinterest!!! Its crazy how addictive that site is.

Its basically an online bulletin board. I didn't think it would be that fun. But, it really is. I'm still learning about it. Since I got my laptop and my Sprint HotSpot, I've put some things aside. I don't WANT to put them aside.....But, I'm soooooo addicted to this thing!!!!

I feel bad about it, too! Look at what I've put aside! (Well, in my defense, while they are ASIDE, they are right next to me!!! So, they are right at my fingertips in a moments notice. Also, in my defense, I actually knitted 2 rows today on my scarf. At that rate, I'll have it finished and ready for a Christmas present in the year 2030! )

Well, I haven't really put aside God either. But, I am about a week behind in my Connect With God book. Its kind of a daily devotional. Then, look at that beautiful scarf I'm knitting. What you cant see is that is cashmere! Its very expensive and luxurious. However, I must say, I thought it would be way more fun to work with than it really is. Cashmere is like trying to knit thread. I think knitting kite string would be easier! I once read about a lady who knits her dogs hair which sounds kinda icky. I don't know why it would be icky, though. I mean, who thought of shearing sheep or goats and making their hair into clothing?? How can a beloved pet be any different? But, what I find really icky is the lady that knits her own hair into her projects.  EEEEEEEEWWWWW! She said she likes to leave a little bit of herself into her creations. Uh......why not leave a little blood on it? Why not poop on it when you're done with it?

Too far?

Yeah, I kinda thought so.

I really went astray there anyway, sooooooo I should probably get back to the topic.

Pinterest!!! Its fun! You should check it out!

Click on the Follow Me On Pinterest. When you get on there. Set yourself up and go to the help section first thing and learn how to do it. Its easy.


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