Friday, September 23, 2011

Homemade Pop Tarts

If you've read my blog much you'll know that I've only been doing the "real food" thing for about the last 10 years or so.

As you'll recall, I got most of my nutrition advice from Shape magazine. Okay, let me take that back. About 15 years ago I saw a nutritionist and he told me I should stop using non dairy creamer and use half and half instead. Also, that I should eat more fruits, vegetables, fat, and protein. He told me to give up my junky low fat, high carb, heavily processed diet.

Then, I overheard a very stylish homeschool mom who had recently lost quite a bit of weight say that she lost the weight by giving up boxed foods. I thought that was a smashing idea and I wanted to do it too!!!

So, I call my best work out buddy and we vow we're gonna make all our food from scratch! Man! This is gonna be great! We're gonna be healthy. Our kids are gonna be healthy. And we are AWESOME moms! Yeah!

Wait a minute........what about crackers???? Crap! Do we have to make crackers.

Ring, Ring.

Me: Hey, I just had a thought....what about crackers...Do we have to make our own crackers???

Her:  I don't know....I sometimes give my kids cheese and crackers on the way to sports practices....I don't know what else to feed them. I don't have time to make crackers.

Me: Yeah, me neither. Okay. So, we won't buy anything from a box EXCEPT crackers.

Her: Okay. Sounds Great! We're gonna be such great moms!


Ring, Ring....

Her: Do we have to make our own BREAD too?

Me: Well, I don't want to have to make bread...I'm busy. And, its TECHNICALLY not in a box....sooooooo,,,

Her: Okay, so we can buy crackers and bread and we'll make everything else we would normally get from a box.

Me: Sounds great!! We're gonna be Sooooooo healthy! Woo-Hoo!

one word:  pop tarts


So a couple of years go by and I read an article that says this is the first generation in history that the kids are not expected to outlive their parents.


Okay, that'll perk up a mom.

The article also says that this reason for early death in our children is directly related to their diet.

Okay. Complete overhaul mode. For real this time.
I go through our pantry and throw out anything with hydrogenated oils in the ingredients list.

I don't care what Aibileen Clark says...Crisco is NOT the best stuff on earth!

The first, and dare I say, PAINFUL thing to go guessed it.....POP-TARTS!
There was much crying, begging, pleading, gnashing of teeth, and all around general moping about this little deletion from our regular grocery trip. Everything else was pretty chill until you start messing with the dang pop-tarts!

I told him.."Honey, NO. When Kellogg's stops putting hydrogenated oils in their pop-tarts I will buy them again. Until then, I'll figure out how to MAKE some and they'll be even more delicious!!"

Well....I'm busy. I can't make pop-tarts. How in the heck am I supposed to figure out how to make pop-tarts???? I tried. I really did. I looked online. Remember dial up?

Yup. Guess how long I tried to look up homemade pop tart recipes? I did find one and it was long and drawn out and in the end quite disgusting.

So, my precious darling finally, finally got over the fact that we never buy pop-tarts anymore. Poor baby! Such sacrifice!

THEN...*angels singing*
Nature's Path comes out with ORGANIC TOASTER PASTRIES!!! In wonderful flavors like frosted chocolate, Cherry Pomegranite, Strawberry, Maple Brown Sugar, etc.

Whew!! Okay, life isn't so creepy amish anymore in the Pearson household. We've been buying those for a couple years now. I even ate one last night! I know, I know. I vowed to give up sugar until I lose 7 more pounds. But, my husband "cooked" it for me... (his words) and its RIGHT THERE. I can't waste it, can I?? Not when children in Africa are starving? In fact, it would be un-humanitarian of me NOT to eat it so....

Hey! Don't judge! You would have eaten it too! And stop looking at me......

But, look what I just found on Pinterest!!! A homemade pop tart that looks sparkly delicious. Seeeeee?
Pinterest IS productive! Somebody tell my husband....would you please?

I haven't made these little beauties yet (sugar give up, you know. Im back on as of this morning.) but, I'm going to make them for my family soon.

If you want to make them for yours, here is the link to the recipe Pop Tart deliciousness!

Its so simple and super easy to tweak to make even healthier and with different flavors!

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