Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Knee Pain Prevention

Its kinda weird. But I was reading something somewhere. You know I'm always doing that. Right now I'm reading the Twilight series books. I know. Its kinda silly but strangely, I love them!!! That's not where I read about flip flops though.

It was probably in a Yoga Journal or a Wellness Journal or something. I read those alot too! I used to be all into Shape and Self and mags like that but they are just goofy! I'm also a personal trainer and half of the exercises they show aren't very good form so I think they're a little too fluffy. Also, I don't like a "health" magazine that advertises diet pills. I mean seriously!!! diet pills!!!! They are sooooo not healthy!

But, anyway.........

I was reading about knee pain. And it said that wearing flip flops actually help prevent knee pain. What's weird about that is that a doctor generally will tell you NOT to wear flip flops because they "have no arch support, they'll hurt your back, they're evil, yada, yada"
But according to this article, wearing them prevents knee pain because it mimics being barefoot. Also as an aside, being barefoot prevents knee pain as well. It has something to do with the muscles working to stabilize the feet and legs.


Viva La Flip Flip!!!!!


Vive Le Flip Flop!!!!

I'm not sure.....

High School Spanish was a long time ago....

Adios, mi amigos!!! :)

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