Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Who Are The Radical Muslims??

This may be offensive to some but I think we as a nation are too worried about offending people. If we have something that needs to be said, then just come out with it!

Unless, of course, you want to tell me I'm fat. Then keep it to yourself please!! :)

I was having a facebook debate with someone else's friend about politics earlier today and yesterday. BTW, it's important I think not to berate your friend's friends. It's just rude. Say what you want to say in a polite, concise manner. Not only is respectful to your friend, but people will listen to what you have to say.

One of the contentious points this lady was making was that we should not be biased against Muslims simply because they are Muslim. It would be equivalent to hating Christians because of what Timothy McVeigh did. Well, I contend that that is just flat out WRONG!!!

Timothy McVeigh wasn't acting in concert with a group of Christians to kill another religious group. He was a mentally disturbed guy who had a problem with his own government and decided to bomb a government building. It was a terrorist act in my opinion but not exactly the same thing and I'll tell you why.

The Muslim faith states that a good Muslim is to kill the infidels (Christians) and tolerate the Jews as naughty children. Well, we know that Muslim terrorists also kill Jews because we see it in the news everyday. I read the Koran in college and it stated that quite clearly. I'm not making this up!! It is naive to think that if only Christians and everyone else would be supportive and tolerant of the Muslims they won't want to kill us. It is all our fault!! That's just nuts!

Did you know that the president of our United States created some multi-religion outreach program. The interesting thing about this is that the only religion represented is Muslim. Muslim Imams go out and speak with other Imams. Hmmmmmm....that's doesn't really smack of diversity and tolerance. Where are the Buddhist, Hindu, and Christian leaders?

Does it not bother people that groups of Muslim terrorists are killing christians, jews, buddhists, and hindus all in the name of their faith? And we are supposed to "tolerate" that? Not only that, there is no separation of church and state in Muslim countries. So to be truly tolerant of Muslims we must allow them to follow their own laws while in our country. That may or may not sound crazy to you but there are actual public officials and judges that would like us to become Sharia Law compliant. That is a smack in the face to our constitution! Under Sharia Law a woman has no rights! So, immigrants can come here looking for a better life.......unless you're a woman....then you're screwed! A family can migrate here and if they are Muslim, the husband will be allowed to beat his wife and children if we deems it necessary and they would have no legal recourse. That is just barbaric and backwards! Why would we allow that? Why would we WANT to is what I want to know.

I submit that the radical muslims are NOT the ones killing in the name of Allah! I submit, because I READ IT IN THE KORAN, that the radicals are the ones not killing people!!!! Also, have you noticed that no "peace loving" Muslims are standing up denouncing the terrorist acts of other Muslims??? Suspicious, huh?

Also, have you noticed that there are no groups of Christians killing groups of people in the name of God? There are no groups of Buddhists, Hindus, or Jews forming sleeper cells in other countries so they can bomb other faiths? It seems that is limited to the Muslim faith, but we aren't supposed to say anything so as not to offend them. Why is that? I think it's because our country has gotten so soft, that we're scared of them!

I'm tired of people calling me a bigot, racist, or intolerant because I'm cautious of the Muslims and because I don't want a president apologizing for me for standing up in my beliefs!!! I think he should represent my beliefs because that is what he's hired to do!!!

On the upside, illegal immigration is down.

They look at our country and think "Ah, it's not so great anymore." 

That makes me sad.

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