Saturday, July 9, 2011

Circle of Life

Its been a while since my last post as you know. We've been through quite a bit. I went to Salt Lake City. That was fun!! It was for a Monavie convention. I love those!! They have the best speakers! We heard Rex Crain and Chris Gardner, the guy who the movie Pursuit of Happyness was based on. He was amazing. Then of course, you can absolutely not go to Salt Lake City and not go to the fun little piano bar, The Tavernacle. I love the mountains. I love that downtown is very artsy, western, and ecclectic. I love that there are organic cafes and they sell organics even in the little convenience stores!! So much different from Texas where the only salad dressing choices are Ranch, Bacon Ranch, Homestyle Ranch, or Thousand Island! Everything you order is fried and comes with Ranch dressing!

Then, we've been absolutely crazy busy with the pool store, Pearson Pools, you're one stop pool shop!! We moved to a newer, bigger location on a main street in town and man oh man has it been a good move! We've hired some new people and business is great! Not to mention that the weather this year has been super nutty. We've had hard freezes, high winds, and record setting heat this summer. That causes a lot of pools to need more chemicals and extra work. Cha-ching!!!!

In the midst of all that, Robbie's dad was diagnosed with cancer in February. He was vibrant and healthy one minute and the next he was in the ER coughing up blood. The docs said he was coughing blood because he had pneumonia. Whew! Then, they came back and said he had pneumonia because he has small cell lung cancer caused from smoking! He hadn't smoked in 25 years!!! He went through chemo and radiation. We tried to get him to do some nutritional stuff but the chemo really took a hard toll...... He just passed away 2 weeks ago. Then, the funeral.

His passing was kinda nice. Its the way I want to go when my time comes. He was at home surrounded by family and a minister. That's it. It was peaceful and sweet. As the minister said in the funeral "We are all going to be where he is at some point in our lives." I'd like to be surrounded by people who love me to see me into my next "phase" in life.

During this same time a friend of mine has a daughter that is having a baby soon. the daughter has decided that she wants to have a home birth. Okay, cool. She wants the home birth to be at my friends house. She wants it to be in my friends bathtub. Okay.......did you know there was once a goat and a chicken in that bathtub?

Well, that all got me thinking about the circle of life. A home birth...a home is short....

I was thinking about all this after the funeral. We had to close up our store both for the death and then for the funeral. We then had to come back to the store afterward. There were some of those little stuffed looking pretzel bites in the parking lot. I wondered if they fell out of my son's truck. He's 18 and doesn't give a flying flip about my need to make him healthy. Since he started earning his own money and driving himself around he is now the junk food king of Cooke County, Texas. It doesn't matter to him one iota when I tell him how dangerous that is. Ahhhh, to be 18 and the smartest person in the world again!!! :) I was picking up those pretzels getting ready to throw them in the dumpster. As I was picking them up, I was thinking about all this and the friends new baby about to arrive and the whole circle of life thing. How life continues and the earth still spins no matter what is happening in our little sphere. No matter who is no longer with us, the rest of the world is still continuing to grow and change. Then I had a realization about myself.............

I throw like a girl!

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