Monday, July 11, 2011

Coconut Oil For Dementia?

I wrote about coconut oil awhile back telling you that Dr Perricone puts it in his tea because its so healthy. Well, I love my tea just like it is so I can't do that. But, I do put it in my coffee WITH CREAM TOO!! And, I am not fat. My skin looks great too. Low fat diets are not good for you. But, I just recently learned something new about coconut oil and its so exciting I wanted to risk life and limb and share it with you!!

Life and Limb, you ask...

Oh yes, did I not tell you that I live in a jungle tree house much like Tarzan? Every morning I get up and feed and water the monkeys, tigers, and hyenas. I then have to brave the elements and juke and dodge the dinosaurs, and .....

yes, I said dinosaurs. Okay, now back to my detailed life of my jungle life.

Yes!! Dinosaurs....Stop interrupting....

Really? Oh.....

Well, okay then. No dinosaurs. That was from the show Land of the Lost. But, I really DO live with the monkeys, tigers, and hyenas.

I do too!!!!

Okay, I dont.....They are chickens, dogs, cats, and horses.....and my neighbors stupid goat! But, they ACT like wild animals!

And I really do risk life and limb because I work at Pearson Pools, your one stop pool shop with my husband, who is at this very moment nagging me to stop blogging and start doing actual work! And because its your lucky day...and the lucky day of anyone you know with dementia...I'm bravely ignoring him like an errant fly buzzing around my head.

I suscribe to the Wellbeing Journal. I love it! If you are a real food lover and believe in holistic healing, then you should most definitely suscribe to that magazine. In it, this month was an article about coconut oil and dementia.

There was a lady whose husband had all of a sudden gone from a healthy, vibrant, outgoing man to a mentally crippled, childlike man that was dependant on his wife for all his basic functions. He couldn't even form whole sentences!!!! A friend of hers had just read an article about coconut oil and shared it with her. Just a few weeks earlier the lady had bought some organic, extra virgin, raw coconut oil. She gave some to her husband and within 30 minutes he was able to string together complete sentences!!! She was so encouraged that she started giving him 2 tablespoons every day. Within a few months, he was back to 95% of his old self!!!!

The studies are amazing. This is encouraging for a  lot people, including those with Alzheimer's disease. Coconut oil is good for other ailments as well. It is a medium chain fatty acid that is 50% Lauric acid which is believed to be the reason for its super health inducing properties. The only other food so richly abundant in lauric acid is human milk. We know thats good for us, right??? Its also highly anti-microbial.

Its important to know that alot of foods that were previously sold as healthy are not. For example, margarine. Don't use it up and then buy butter. Just throw it away!!! You also don't need canola oil. Throw it away. Extra virgin oil is super good for you but if you use it at high heats to fry things, you've just turned it into something bad. So, instead you can use coconut oil for frying. You can also use it for baking, in smoothies, or like me...put it in your coffee. Its good, I promise.

Im very excited to learn more about this and its effects on dementia.

No!! I'm not going senile, who told you that?????

I'm excited because it is my fervent belief that God has provided everything we need on this planet to be abundantly healthy. We just have to put down the Twinkies and figure out what those things are.

Now, I must get back to the monkeys!!! They are so funny you should see what.....

Yeah, yeah, okay. There are no monkeys here.......just a yammering husband asking me if I'm almost finished.

Yes. :)

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