Sunday, August 28, 2011

Moving In To The Future, Baby!!!

This is really cool!!!! I can now blog from home!! So you'll be seeing way more of me! Yay, you!! :)

Before, I had to blog from work. Boooo, me!

If you've been reading my blog any length of time, or if you just know me, you'll know that my husband and I work together. That's a blessing and a curse at the same time. Its nice to build a future both emotionally and financially together. But, typically the man has a need to be the boss. And we ladies all know that that's never true! :b

Its our job to make our men believe they are the boss. :)

Anyway, I live out in the country and for years we had dial up internet service. Man! Remember that??? What a barbaric way to live! That's roughing it I tell ya. We finally just gave it up. We decided to just use the high speed at work and use our smart phones to check facebook and such. It's not really conducive to blogging though.

My last phone recently died and I got a new Sprint Evo 4G phone. OH, that's a super cool phone! One of the perks of that particular phone is the Sprint HotSpot. For a $20/month fee, you can turn your phone into a wireless router! Oh.My.Gosh!!!

Well, it didn't really mean anything to me until yesterday when I bought myself one of them there fancy, newfangled things called a laptop!

It's a brand new world out there for me!! I can't wait to share with you all the healthy, downhome things I come across.

I'm feeling pretty with it. Pretty on top of things. Pretty gadgety.

Now.....I just have to figure out what pinterest is............

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