Wednesday, December 14, 2011

She's Pretty And Frugal Too!

Do you ever sit around and wish you looked like this?

Or, as my husband says "THOSE kind of outfits."

To which I say "A Vicotria's Secret Model suit?"
He replies "yes"
I say "That's mean!"
Then, he, because he's soooooo funny says "Oh, I just mean you should get an outfit like that."


He says the same thing when he watches the Dallas Cowboys and sees the cheerleaders.

Well, I can't make you look like a Victoria's Secret model but I can give you a great tip that will keep you from looking like THIS and you won't have to spend a fortune either.

Don't believe me? Well, I don't look like that, now do I? And I'm about to tell you why.

Look over at my profile picture. Notice my nicely straightened, blonde hair. Yeah, my hair is really curly. I only look like that certain days of the month, usually after having just been to the stylist. Because my hair is curly and I live in north Texas I am constantly battling frizzy hair. Okay, I don't really battle it anymore. I've come to know this about myself and just go with it. For years, since my teens really, I've searched high and low looking for and buying products promising to make my hair shiny and pretty just like a model on a good hair day.

The only time I didn't have to use products galore on my hair to keep the frizz at bay is when I went with a friend to Phoenix to visit her mother and do some Monavie tastings. I took a shower and within an hour my hair was perfectly dry and beautiful. The only thing I did was wash it and put in a little mousse. It was all I had to use since I didn't pack any hair products. I was fully prepared to go all ponytail on its ass. It was truly amazing when I looked in the mirror. I thought 'Man! I'd move here just for THIS!' But, then my skin got all dry and wrinkly. My sinuses dried out and I could hardly breathe so I came home. I'm sure my family is glad. They don't care about my hair as much as I do.

I've spent trillions of dollars on hair care products and I just recently stumbled on this little beauty tidbit that, I kid you not, works way better and is cheap.

Since my hair is curly and *whispering*.....colored it tends to be on the dry side. Then add in the north Texas heat and humidity and you have a recipe for disaster frizzy hair. I only wash it a few times a week. The night before I wash it, I put about 5 drops of jojoba oil in my hand, rub them together and rub it into my hair. I go to sleep and let the oil do its magic. And I wake up to beautiful, princess-like hair! Well, after I wash it of course.

Its not all goopy like leave in conditioners, either. So you don't have to wear a cap and it won't make your pillow all greasy. It won't even turn off your husband when you come to bed in it. Especially if you get yourself a pair of those wings. I'm teasing, of course about the wings,  but you can seriously buy yourself some at this website

See what a resource I am today? Hmmmmm...maybe I CAN help you look like a Victoria's Secret model.

You can buy that Desert Essence jojoba oil at for less than 5 dollars.

BAM! another resource. I am on a roll today.

You just gotta try it to believe it. It really does work better than any high dollar, fancy shmancy stuff your hair stylist is selling. Believe me, I know. I've tried 'em all!

This post is part of Frugal Days, Frugal Ways and Fight Back Friday

*the photo credit for the ugly dog goes to Josephs Blog-O-Log


  1. I am sooo getting a pair of those wings! I could never look like a Victoria's Secret Model, cuz I'm too short. And then there is the belly jiggle. Oh, and the crow's feet around my eyes. Maybe the wings will help, LOL!
    Thanks for the tip on the oil-I need all the help I can get. That poor dog need to try it too!

  2. I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind a pair of wings, either (and some stiletto heels and overpriced lacy undies . . . ) Ha! But I need some Jojoba oil for my curly frizzy hair! I'm just like you Misty, I use all my straight hair pictures online :-P

  3. Yes, Darcie!! Get the wings and then no one will notice the other stuff!

    I'm too short too. My parents smoked when we were kids. I always tease my mom and tell her if she hadn't smoked and stunted my growth, I'd be a model now. Its all her fault! :)

  4. Lori, its funny how men view fashion. If my husband were my stylist he'd have me in stilettos, short skirts, cleavage, and sprayed up hair with bangs sticking straight up!!

  5. Yes, I would love to look like Miranda Kerr. And I used to eat all my crusts just so my hair would go curly - but it never did!

  6. My grandmother used to tell me to eat my crust so my hair would be curly! I didn't and my hair is curly. :)

  7. I live in West Texas and have learned to use a similar product. It's a must as soon as I towel dry my hair!

    What kind of dog is that? Too funny!