Monday, July 19, 2010

Dangerous Energy!

 People, especially children, are drinking more energy drinks than ever.  In fact, now millions of children are drinking Monster, RockStar, RedBull, 5 Hour Energy Shots, etc. I know my son used to drink the heck out these things. I allowed him to have one a day because I figured they have vitamins in them so they were at least better than a Coke.

However, I've since learned some things. Number One, they are not only loaded with sugar, they are also loaded up with high fructose corn syrup, sugar, and aspartame. Do Not even get me started on aspartame. I wrote another article on sweeteners so look that up if you want to know more about that dangerous little ingredient. Both High Fructose Corn Syrup and Aspartame are extremely dangerous to one's health. It should not be consumed by anyone and in particular, our children!

Next, Its full of caffeine!! We don't allow our children to drink coffee because we know how bad it is for them. So, why on earth would we allow them to load up on it in other forms??

They are also full of artificial colors and preservatives. It's my belief (just common sense if you have a basic understanding of how the body works) that your body can't process artificial ingredients. Food is the building block for every tissue in our bodies. Our bodies break down the food into small particles of sugars or amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc and then uses it to build and repair tissue. So, when you put artificial ingredients into your body, it has to try and figure out what to do with it. Your body doesn't know what it is. It knows that it's similar to the things it needs and so it tries to use them in place of real nutrients. That just jacks up your body on a cellular level.

AND, did you know that RedBull is banned in Europe because they are so bad for you?

They cause irreparable heart damage.


 Maybe you should read that again.

I only make such a big deal about this because MILLIONS of parents are letting their children have them. If you love your child, do not let them have one!

Teenagers are passing out with heart palpitations after drinking energy drinks. I would rather see my teenage son walking around with a beer in his hand than one of those energy drinks. In fact, having an energy drink is a sure-fired way to get grounded and yelled at in our home. My son absolutely loves a Monster. He would go to the store and get the big giant can because I only allowed one. The big giant can is 4 servings. *sigh*

When I learned how dangerous they are, I no longer allowed him to have them. Much wailing, begging, and gnashing of teeth occurred after that. But, as a good mom, I stood firm. The same thing happened when I banned Pop-Tarts but that's a story for another day! I was actually going to try to make Pop-Tarts from scratch. Luckily for me, I found organic toaster pastries at the health food store. Oh, Happy Day!!!!!!

Okay, back to the energy drinks! What else is lucky for my son, me and you as well, because I'm about to hook you up, is that there is a healthy alternative. It's very exciting!

Monavie's EMV is not just healthier than all those other nasty drinks, they actually taste better too!! I wouldn't lie to you about something as important as our children's health.

It has no artificial ANYTHING in it. No added sugar. No added caffeine. It is also 80% fruit juice. One can is one serving and has an anti-oxidant equivalent to 4 servings of fruit!! That's fantastic because you know your kids are not eating as much fruit as they should. The energy comes from a patented, slow release carbohydrate, green tea, and yerba mate extract. I'll tell you what Yerba Mate is because most people have never heard of it. I drink Yerba Mate tea every day. I love it and it's super healthy. I read about it first in my Yoga Journal magazine as an alternative to coffee. It has more anti-oxidants than green tea and we all know how beneficial green tea is.

And even better, for parents who are looking to cut calories, there is a light version with fewer calories and is sweetened with Stevia. I should warn you, however, that the light version is lighter because they cut out some of the fruit. So, it's only 20% fruit juice. My family drinks the original.

Also, you may be reading this and thinking to yourself 'Well, she sells it, so of course she's going to say it's good!' No! I wouldn't do that and put our children's health at risk for a buck. The reason I sell it, is BECAUSE its so good. Not the other way around.

So, in summary, DON'T ALLOW your children to buy energy drinks. Heart Disease is already on the rise. There was a study done years ago done on teens. They predict that this generation of kids won't outlive their parents! They expect them to die of heart disease. They expect them to die of heart disease before we die of anything else. So, why, why, why would we hasten the process and give them something else to kill themselves with. It seems that we are allowing our children to kill themselves. But, I will save that for another blog post.

If you want to allow them a healthy alternative let them have some Monavie Emv. Its great for adults too! My husband and I absolutely love them and have one every afternoon. I miss them when we run out. We're out now and fixing to order a bulk of them for the best price. You can learn more at my Monavie website on the left. Check it out!!

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