Tuesday, July 27, 2010



1. that a person doesn't need to spend the rest of their life in pain, on meds, tired, grumpy, diseased, sleepless, and in constant need of a doctor's advice.

2. that karma is a real presence and whatever energy you send out comes right back to you.

3. a healthy diet takes care of all the problems listed in #1.

4. the crippled stool is the cadillac of the pooping stool! -- Sorry! I stole that one from Larry The Cable Guy. But I do think of that every time I go into the restroom anymore. :)

5. that when you need something, you just have to ask for it, believe you will get it and you really will. I've tested this theory out repeatedly myself. It really works!!!

6. prayer works

7. the government can't fix all our personal problems, nor should it attempt to do so. If a person is struggling, they need to pray for an answer. When the answer presents itself in the form of an opportunity, the person should jump on it. I've found that prayers are usually answered in that way. You have to put forth a little effort.

8. nothing is free

9. people should make the Golden Rule, the rule they govern their lives around.

10. family is more important than ANYTHING else and all activities and endeavors should be simply to make a better life for the family.

11. marriage is a lifelong commitment, not a mate du jour!

12. raising a child is a commitment, not something to make you feel fulfilled until you get a job!!

13. more people should pay attention to their own health and stop eating artificial food like substances.

14. everyone needs a little slack sometimes.

15. everyone needs to sit still and be quiet sometimes and just listen.  Lets start right now!!! shhhhhhhhh.......

 Peace and Joy be with you now!     : v )

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