Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday is Herbs Day!! - Aloe

Welcome to Thursday!!!! Yay!!! Its so great because its one day closer to Friday AND its the first installment of Thursday is Herbs Day!! I think a celebratory cake is in order. I'll get right on that. But, FIRST let me tell you about one of my very favorite "herbs".

Aloe Vera.

You probably already know a little about it, because its in sunburn lotions in pharmacies all across the U.S. So you know it helps soothe a sunburn. But, do you know WHY and how that info can help soothe and heal other conditions as well?

Not only that but its super easy to grow in pots. It looks pretty and you always have a ready supply on hand and even enough to give away to your closest friends, more if you're like my friend Melanie who tries to GIVE them away on a regular basis!! Those things make "babies" and Melanie's must be extra fertile because she has "babies" out the wazoo. If you're nearby and want a free "baby" let me know and I'll hook you up!

Aloe vera is a succulent so it needs very little water. In addition to that it doesn't need a lot of light either. Its very easy to maintain. If you leave it in the sun it gets faded out and if its in the super dark it also loses its pigment. It can live in either of those conditions but for asthetics, ambient light is best.

I keep some around all the time. Its especially good for burns. It soothes a burn faster than anything I've ever seen. When I'm cooking and accidentally burn myself I just go over and break off a piece and rub the gel on the burn. It instantly feels better and heals much faster. Its also good for cuts and scrapes too. Its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory. Its full of vitamins and minerals too. You can also buy aloe vera juice to help with some digestive issues.

ssshhhhhhhh, here's  a secret just between us. *looking around*, come in close.........

It has laxative properties...........

Just sayin.......

You never know. That sometimes comes up. Or doesn't. Again, just sayin.....

Okay enough with the eighth gradedness and poopy humor.  Okay, seriously, stop. POOP  and lack thereof is NOT a laughing  matter.

Here are some fun things you can do with Aloe Vera: (From

1.Create your own facial cleanser with aloe vera: Just mix with olive oil, rosewater, and a few drops of grapeseed oil in a food processor. Keep it in the fridge!

2.Create an organic sugar scrub and apply to damp skin:

■2 tbsp. aloe vera

■2 tbsp. brown sugar

■1 tsp. lemon juice

3.You could also try a salt scrub for rough patches:

■2 cups sea salt

■1 cup aloe vera

■1 cup baby oil

■2 tbsp. honey

4.For those with eczema or psoriasis, aloe is possibly the best moisturizer available. Rub all over hands and feet, put on gloves and socks and let it work its magic!

You can also dress up your plant and take have a photo shoot! I personally wouldn't do it, but you could.... Again, just sayin..... :)

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