Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why A Lowfat Diet Isn't Good For You!

Did you know that a low fat diet isn't good for you? Of course you didn't and I know why you didn't too! Its because you've walked into a gym or picked up a fitness magazine, or been in a doctor's office. All those things conspire against you to make you fat and unhealthy!

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!!!!! I know!!!

Okay....They don't do it on PURPOSE, but they do it anyway. Because they too have been brainwashed by junk science to make us all believe that low fat foods will make us thin and healthy. But, let me just tell you that there are a few of us "believers" still around that know the truth. That sounds funny doesn't it? Like one of those people that believe in space ships and zombies!! Ha Ha!! That's funny!!! Hey! Don't judge! As my friend Dave likes to say "Its better to be prepared than caught off-guard by a zombie attack!"

But, still yet again, I digress! sigh......

So, lets get back to the fat.

At the turn of the century, heart disease was very rare. I don't know if you are aware of this but people back then ate real, whole foods. There was no McDonalds. By the 1960s, heart disease was our number one killer. Hmmmmmm....Hello, Mr McDonald! How are you?? - "Rich!! Thanks for asking!" ( I'm putting quotation marks in because I like them. Really I'm just paraphrasing what Mr McDonald probably would have said. :)

Right around the same time people were consuming less butter. Then, some brainiac scientist said "Wait a minute! Butter causes heart disease!!!" ( Again with the paraphrasing)
So... a bunch of other scientists said "By Gosh! I think you're right! People eat too much fat! Fat makes people fat and unhealthy! Lets tell them to stop! In fact, lets create a new Food Guide Pyramid telling people to eat lots of bread!"

And there goes our diet. Right there. I just in a paraphrase explained to you our obesity problem.

Our bodies aren't equipped to eat protein without the fat. Not only that, too little fat in your diet causes all sorts of problems that are usually associated with old age....eeeewwwwwwwww!

Honestly, I'd rather eat the fat than be old!

About 15 years ago, I was teaching 15 aerobics classes per week, personal training clients, and lifting weights. I ate a very low fat diet. I had no energy and I had about 5 pounds I needed to lose and with all that working out I was still "soft". So, I saw a molecular biologist who was also a nutritionist. He told me I needed more fat, protein, and calories. I kid you not, when I tell you that the heavens broke, angels sang, and the world just appeared.....I don't know.....rosier.

So, I upped all those things and actually scheduled in snacks. He also told me I needed more fruits and veggies in my diet to prevent cancer. I immediately dropped that 5 pounds. Since then, I've researched diet and nutrition extensively. (I still do, by the way! You can never learn too much.) Among others, I read Suzanne Sommers books. She advocates eating all the protein and fat you want as long as you don't eat starchy foods with it. It really works and when I eat this way, I feel fantastic. Do you know that I put real cream and coconut oil in my herbal coffee every morning? I will go home this evening and have a bowl of rasberries and heavy cream. I put real butter and cream in my oatmeal. My family eats full fat yogurt, raw cheese, and milk. (milk is a whole other story!!! I'll post on that later. Don't drink skim milk! For the love of God, stay away from skim milk!!!)

By reading this, you might think, Geesh! that girl probably weighs 300#!! Nope. I sure don't. I look great and I probably haven't looked this good in 20 years!! You know why? Its because I don't eat sugar with all that cream. Its the sugar that kills you. Its highly inflammatory and causes weight gain and even worse, disease. In all that low fat food, they load it up with sugar. Why, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. Its because it tastes bad! Fat causes your body to feel satisfied and doesn't need to eat much. Remove the fat, remove the taste. Make it taste better by loading it up with sugar!!!! Well, that and  a whole bunch of chemicals that are made to taste like food.

So, in addition to our bodies not being able to process lean protein sources very well, Food companies are taking advantage of the fact that we are quickly becoming an obese nation. We are all looking for ways to lose weight. But, trust me. If you want to lose weight, eat whole, real foods including fat and stay away from low fat and fat free fare. Well, except for fruits and veggies. You also need lots of those!!!

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