Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Skin and Lips

I've been super busy lately!!!! This is the first time in my adult life that I've actually had enough money in the bank at Christmas time that I wasn't worried about paying bills and what cheap things to get people for Christmas! (sigh)

Ahhhhhhhh.........feels good...... :)

I'll tell you what doesn't feel good though is dry, chapped winter hands! Of which, mine are.

You know we own a pool service business. Add to the cold water, chlorine and muriatic acid and you get fingers that are dying from a thousand little cuts. (Try adding lime or salt to a lovingly prepared dish with those hands!! Give it a try.....I dare you!) Ouch! Ouch! Double Ouch!!!

But, since I'm busy (I have more pools to clean today) and its Thursday is Herbs Day I'm sending you a link to a recipe for lip balm. I want to try some of this recipe for my hands soon. Maybe next week I'll post on the lotion bars my friend Melanie makes. I'll be making some of that too! It's absolutely wonderful!

Here's the link

Stay hydrated, my friends! :)

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