Saturday, April 9, 2011

Crappy Crafters

Okay, its Crappy Crafter time!!!

It's Crappy Crafter time!!!!

We started a club about a year and a half ago. We had 2 meetings. Count em 2!!! The first one involved wine and Sue stating that she knew how to make hen aprons. Not cute little aprons with hens on them mind you, but aprons for actual hens to wear...........

She's our president. 

Hey! Don't judge! I told you wine was involved.

Anyway. Back my original thought. See the picture above? Isn't it hilarious??? That's where our name idea originally came from.
We laughed and laughed about that for hours. That was another time when more wine was involved. The Crappy Crafters like our wine!

Anyway. Back to my original thought. The Crappy Crafters are coming back to town! Yay!! And we have more wine   fun than ever planned. Our first venture back into the fun is a plant exchange. We're thinking the first SOMETHING of every month will be our meeting day, possibly Friday evenings. Friday evenings seem to be  good times to share bottles of wine!! Yeah, yeah, and do crafts...whatever......

So, if you want to join the wine   fun, ahem, then be thinking about the plant exchange! Look around your yard and pull up whatever weed you think somebody else will want, pot it up and bring it with you! Its gonna be fun!

Crappy Crafting!!!!


  1. Is there a Date this event is going to take Place? I don't like wine, but can't I be a Crappy Crafter, with out it?

  2. Of course!! Anyone can be a crappy crafter!! We welcome all crappy crafters! :)

    We're tentatively planning the first Friday evening of every month. We'll post exact dates as soon as we firm up the date