Thursday, April 14, 2011

Skin Care Product Review

For my entire life from adolescence on, I have had problems with my skin. Its always been dry and flaky and prone to breakouts at the same time. As you can imagine, that can be very frustrating for a teenaged girl!!!

Over the years I kept thinking I was getting a "handle" on it. (farm girl term) But never really did. I tried all sorts of torturous things in the name of beautiful skin, facials (By the way, if you live in or near the Gainesville, TX area, you HAVE to at some point in your life go see Nancy Dresser!!! She is the BEST!), acid peels (those caused a raging case of fever blisters and about 3 days of seeping, blistery skin!! I don't recommend them), multiple products, and I even went to a dermatologist and he prescribed regularly taking antibiotics!!!!!!!! Craziness!!!

Then, as I got a little older even, I still had the same problems only old lady hormonal issues kicked in causing my skin to look all dried out and my hair to start falling out even!! I was becoming one of those bitter old ladies!


I read Dr Perricone's book

Can you hear the angels singing right now?

Oh, they are. Believe me!!!!!!!

The first thing I did was change my diet. If you read in a woman's magazine from a nutritionist that diet doesn't affect your skin, don't believe her. She's full of hooey! On another side note, you can read opinions about everything from 5 different nutritionists and get 5 fully different opinions! My advice is to research on your own and eat whole foods that God intended for you to put in your body. We weren't wonderfully made to chow down on pesticides, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals!

Dr Perricone has this plan he calls the 3 Day Facelift and then another one he calls the 28 Day Facelift. You should check them out. It really made a HUGE difference in my skin and hair!

As I was reading his book and started to really feel good (By the way, my body feels wonderful, too!!!!) I started thinking about his skin care line. I haven't tried it, but let me just warn you that its WAY expensive!


I'll tell you why...

Derma E makes a cream of DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Vitamin C Ester for a heckuva lot less. That's the same stuff Dr Perricone recommends! At the health food store, I've gotten it for about $25. From my health food co-op in town, I get it for around $11.  Dr Perricone sells it for HUNDREDS!

Hmmmmm...*weighing.....$11.....$hundreds.....hmmmmm*  $11 for me thanks!!!! :)

I also found another company called DHC. You can  go to their website here Its a company from Japan.

Man, Japan..... Can you believe the trouble they're having in Japan? Awful, with all the earthquakes and now all the radiation. MMMMM. Horrible.

I hope buying these Japanese products are helpful to the people of Japan.

Anyway, skin care.

They have this mild soap that I use. Oh!! And they have a deep cleaning oil. Its weird, I know, to think about putting oil on your face when you're trying to clean it but it really works great! You put this oil on to help remove the makeup and debris and then use this soap. Some skin care distributors will try to tell you not to use soap. That its drying. Don't believe them! That may be true of some soaps but not this one. The name of the soap is Mild Soap. And don't forget the Deep Cleaning Oil. Then, as the final step in my skin care regime is the Derma E. My skin has never looked so good!! Its soft, glowing, and younger looking.

I just read in my latest DHC catalog that we're supposed to be toning as well. I never do that, but I'm thinking of starting. They say it reduces wrinkles......Okay, you had me at wrinkles! I'm in... :)

They also have a peptide night cream that looks very similar to what Dr Perricone is peddling. I'm dying to try that as well!! I'll be ordering some in the next day or so. I'll let you know.

Also, as another side benefit, anti-oxidants in your diet are a natural sunscreen!! I work outside and never get burned. I am developing a really nice tan though. But. No burning.

Give it a try and report back!!

By the way, if you decide to try the DHC products tell them that I sent you! When you refer your friends they send you gift certificates for free products. OH!!! One other thing I forgot to tell you about this company that I love so much is with every order you get to pick out 4 free samples! Also, every month they send you a catalog with even more free samples!

Here's what the Derma E looks like:

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