Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Danger In Fried Foods

Check out the label on this Happy Meal box.

Its crazy!!! Its like the label on cigarettes. I once saw a comedian talk about the cigarette industry being cocky. They can put a label on their product telling you its gonna kill you and you shouldn't buy their product but they know people will buy them anyway. He said it much funnier. You had to be there.

That's what I thought of when I saw this Happy Meal picture. People will still feed this to their children.

I'm not a fan of McDonald's foods by any means but I say Kudos to them for putting that on the label. They didn't have to. As they've stated, the FDA doesn't tell us that there's anything wrong with fried foods other than saturated fat causing cholesterol.

*as an aside, it occurs to me that maybe the FDA is really trying to slowly kill us off with food....hmmmmm....makes ya think.*

I was reading another article somewhere about this very issue...fried foods, not the FDA conspiracy that I don't have time to prove. In the article, it stated that a by product of turning foods, mostly starchy foods, into a  golden brown is acrylamide, a chemical thats been shown to cause cancer. I know....that really sucks. I just wrote an article a few weeks ago about which oils are safe to cook with and then I wrote about some super delicious homemade eggrolls. Now, I can't eat them anymore. They were really good too!!! I even bought some duck fat (very expensive by the way and not nearly as tasty as bacon grease!)

So now we need to be careful eating any starchy foods that have been either fried or baked to a golden brown color. Yes, even baked!! Baked and boiled potatoes are still healthy to eat, but not fried. No baked breads either. This is all pretty new information, I think. So it takes me a minute to wrap my head around it. I'm sure more research is on the way and I'll be looking it into further.

Just know that its out there

Lurking behind your mama's fried potatoes and dinner rolls (And biscuits!!!! Crap, I forgot about biscuits...Dangit!)

Offering up a worse punishment than having to graduate up into your fat pants!

Beware. Seriously. Be aware.


  1. Here in Australia they're about to pass a law making cigarette companies package their cigarettes in plain paper only. When will it stop???

  2. That's kind of a weird law. Is it supposed to help people not be attracted to them? I think the only thing that will really do is save the manufacturers a whole ton of money!

  3. The plain paper is an awesome tactic. The tobacco companies can no longer advertise full-on to teenagers, so they have to attract them with "cool" packaging. Doesn't the look of Camel No. 9 (think Chanel No. 9) make the teen-aged you want to have these in your pocket?

    Misty - that's really interesting about McD's Happy Meal labels. After I grew up and moved, causing me to stop eating garden-fresh everything, I discovered I have allergies to BHT, BHA, and sodium benzoate. These are preservatives, as I'm sure you already know. One of them is in airplane propellant.

    I enjoy your blog!

  4. Wow! Its weird how that happens. I ate dairy for years not ever thinking that I had issues until I decided maybe Robbie was. When I switched to raw and then ate pasteurized I realized that I was having issues too!

    and Thanks!!! I'm glad you like it.