Saturday, May 8, 2010

Radical Homemaking

Homemakers in America are under seige! They have been for about the last 40 years. A long time ago, men left the cave and hunted and brought home the bacon while the women gathered berries, tended the fire, and kept the children safe at home. Fast forward thousands of years. Moms are leaving the home to work full time jobs, leaving the children to be raised by strangers then coming home to make dinners, check homework, give baths, and put children to bed. And as a great reward, get up the next morning and repeat the entire process!

How has this improved our society? (insert waiting music here)

Could you think of anything that's improved since the feminist movement? I can't. It occurs to me that for the most part women don't know how to be homemakers. In addition, we're made to feel as if we're not contributing our part to society. I will tell you that I've been married for 20 years. I homeschool, I spent the majority of those years at home. Until just recently, I too struggled with feelings of "being lazy" because I didn't work outside the home. I recently had an epiphany. Its because we're TAUGHT to feel that way! We're being brainwashed by the public school system, tv, & government. I own a business with my husband where I work at least 40 hours a week. So this isn't just a homemaker ranting about being unappreciated.

This is about people who have lost the basic skills that truly make home where the heart is. Now THAT'S utopia!! The liberals got it all wrong. They want to transform our country into a forced utopian society where everyone goes out, works, contributes, and gets equal pay.

Home is where you're supposed to be able to renew and restore the spirit. How can that be if no one is there to welcome you home? How can your soul be nourished if you don't have good, warm food in your belly? A good friend of mine recently told her future daughter-in-law that the mom is not the head of the family. The mom is the HEART of the family! How can mom do that if she's in need of restitution herself? I'll tell you. She can't!

There are women out there at home raising their children, growing food in gardens, sewing buttons, and putting home cooked meals on the family table, and loving their husbands even when they are occassionally unlovable. Applause, Applause!! Good job! There are also women who desperately want that but truly don't know how to get it. Ask someone who is doing it! Dont ask anyone else. They are right there with you and they will tell you that you should leave your husband because you're too good for him. You're not. Unless he's violent, then of course, you ARE too good for him, so get out! Now! Otherwise, we all have faults. Then, there are a few women, some in powerful positions, who sneer at those of us who place God, and family over wealth, status symbols, and prestigious jobs.

I applaud the radical homemakers!

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