Friday, May 21, 2010

We got change all right!

My brother married a girl he really didn't know very well. She was a little negative, needy, and very manipulative. We tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. We welcomed her in all our family functions, hugged her, and hung out with her. No one ever said they didn't like her, but my brother one day asked me to tell him why the family wasn't as in love with her as he was. I said (BIG MISTAKE here on my part) "Since you asked, I'll tell you. She's a little negative. She speaks badly of everyone in the family. It's not endearing." To which he replied, "She's just repeating what others in the family are saying!!!" It doesn't matter! Families can bicker, fight, and disagree. But, families will defend each other, by God, to outsiders.

This my friends is the point I'm making.....Our president is going to other countries and leaders and speaking badly of us. It's disgusting and absolutely traitorous!

The Mexican president spent an afternoon lecturing our president about our immigration policies. How dare he!! Our president spent the afternoon telling him he's right and we have no right to enforce our own laws. Double how dare he!!

Firstly, Arizona's law is not new. It's simply a way to enforce a federal law already in place.

Secondly, it very specifically prevents any sort of discrimination. The major Washington critics of the new law admitted they haven't even read it. They adamently oppose it and its something they wouldn't support but they don't even really know what's in it. This little bit of information is extremely important. It tells me they're a bunch of buffoons!! I don't know about you, but I'm getting more than a little irritated at my elected representatives passing laws and speaking for me to other countries without knowing what they're even talking about. They apparently can't read in Washington!! They apparently don't listen either! The majority of Americans are supportive of Arizona's new law.

Thirdly, Mexico doesn't give us carte blanche in their country. If you're there illegally, they put you in jail and deport you! Without due process.

Fourthly, it needed to be done. Arizona has the highest rate of illegals, kidnapping, and drug trafficking. Are we not going to allow them to defend themselves?? Again, it is already a federal law!! They didn't create some half baked, redneck law to go round up everybody that might be from another country! They simply created a law that allowed them to enforce a law that is already in place. Police officers already ask for ID when they pull you over. WE as citizens already have to show identification if we get stopped by the police. Should we now refuse and claim that its discriminatory??

And lastly (deep breath here because its a biggie) they are here ILLEGALLY!!
Why, oh why in God's name do the liberals want them here?? The very fact that they are here is demonstrative of the fact, they don't feel a need to assimilate and follow our laws. If they did they would go through the proper channels and come here legally like immigrants have done for hundreds of years.

At what point, then, do you draw the line? You can come into our country illegally but you can't steal anything. You can sell drugs but you can't be a prostitute. You can steal but you can't murder. You can murder but you can't write hot checks.
It makes no sense. So, then if we allow them to break one law how do we prevent them from breaking all our other laws?

Not only that, thanks to our great leaders in Washington, all the illegals are emboldened. They're protesting on our streets and claiming that we owe them healthcare, education, social security and citizenship. Honestly, I don't, at this point, know why they even want to be citizens. They apparently have more rights than we do! And they get it all paid for by those of us who are following the rules and abiding by the laws.

And the leader of the American people should have our back!!
He just threw us under the bus the Mexican president was driving. SHAME ON HIM!! nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Btw, my brother and his wife are no longer married in case you were wondering. It didn't have anything to do with us!! As it turns out, she...... oh, never mind. Its a long story and they should be the ones to tell it. :b

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