Monday, October 10, 2011

Apple Crisp

Apple crisp by
Apple crisp, a photo by on Flickr.

Okay so Operation Get Buff has taken a horrible, horrible, ugly turn into a dark abyss of misery and despair. I think my new name shall be Fatty McFatterson!!

Okay, so maybe that was a little dramatic. But, doesn't a girl get to be a little overly dramatic on fat days? I think if I were president, I would create a national holiday and it shall be called "Fat Day". Everyone gets to take a day off from work, wear sweatpants all day, and eat cookies! or donuts! Yes. Donuts!

But since I'm not president, and there is no Fat Day, Operation Get Buff is back on. In my attempt to get back on track, last night I made this apple crisp. Yesterday, in north Texas we had the best fall day ever!!! It was dark, cool, and rainy. Yeeee-Haw!! You have no idea how great that is. We just went through the hottest, driest, summer ever in history! It was so hot, I baked cookies on the dash of my truck while I was at work. If you want to read that story, its right here. Dash Cookies.
That cool, fallish weather just begs for something warm from the oven. I made potato soup for dinner. It wasn't super great, so I won't share. I didn't have enough potatoes. I was just using what I had on hand.  The recipe called for bacon, too. I only had 2 pieces of bacon and they were leftover from breakfast. I had to snatch them from Robbie's hand just as he was about to put one in his mouth and yell "NO!" like he's a bad dog that stole food from the table! He yelled, "Hey!!! I wanted bacon!"

Anyway, this post isn't about bacon....or potato soup....or my husband's addiction to food....Soooo...I don't know why I told you all that, except it was funny!!!

Okay, back to the apple crisp. Its not your normal apple crisp, its lighter and more apple-y.
Here's how I made it:

And because I'm all into the health and whatnot, I'm gonna tell you about the organicsness of it all!

2 organic honeycrisp apples, peeled and sliced
1 C oatmeal (of course, organic too!)
1/3 C organic butter
1 packet Stevia
1/4 t apple pie spice

In a bowl, melt the butter. Add the oatmeal, stevia, and spice. Stir to coat the oatmeal.
Place the apple slices in an oven safe dish and then spoon the oatmeal mixture over the top. Bake at 350 degrees about 20 minutes until the oatmeal is a little crispy.

That's it!!! Super simple. And if I'd thought it about it a little more in advance, I would have whipped up some cream to go on top. But, I thought it was really good!!! In fact, I had two bowls of it.

I know!! seconds aren't really conducive to my Operation Get Buff, but.........I didn't eat 20 cookies so I call it SCORE!!!! :)

Robbie wanted me to tell you that he didn't like it (in fact, I almost ate his too...but I do have at least a little self control).....In fact, when I handed it to him, he said "What's this stuff on top?"
I said "Oatmeal"
He said "I KNEW you were trying to trick me into eating something healthy!! Oatmeal isn't a dessert!"

That's okay. Don't listen to him! He's embraced his fatness.

Next time, I'll have to tell him the oatmeal are "buttery flavor crystals"!

He'll LOVE it!!!! And for the rest of you....Enjoy the buttery flavor crystal apples!

This recipe is submitted into Monday Mania. A real food, recipe carnival. If you want to read more recipes to help you join me in Operation Get Buff, or if you just don't want to be called Fatty McFatterson, then check it out HERE.


  1. Haha-too funny! My husband accuses me of "slipping" in healthy ingredients all the time. Which, of course, is true :)

    This looks yummy AND healthy-thanks for sharing!

  2. I always sneak healthy stuff into our food. Zucchini in the meatloaf, baby food carrots in the spaghetti sauce, and baby food squash into mac and cheese. Mostly I did that for my non veggie eating son. My son found out about it and acted like I'd been sneaking POISON into his food!! LOL

  3. If we're allowed to be dramatic on fat days then I must be award winning actress Meryl Streep! Yea! But seriously, just read your bio. I would like a pool please. Do you ship lined holes to Maryland?

  4. Funny how the change in weather had me wanting apple dumplings! I made some last night..but they were not organic or remotely healthy in the least, I'm sure!

  5. I think if I ever figured out how to ship lined holes...I'd be a very wealthy woman!!! LOL

  6. MMMMMMM.....You had me at dumpling!! :)

    Ive never met a dumpling that I didnt like!

  7. Oatmeal sounds like a perfectly good topping for apples! Lately (mostly in celebration of a friend having given us a big bag of apples from her tree) I've been tossing: quinoa, oatmeal, milk, sliced apples, raisins, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, slivered almonds, brown sugar, and cinnamon into a pot, and making what I call 'porridge'. I hate porridge, but I love this stuff!