Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tiny, Little Photos

So, just a little bit ago I told you about the new look of my blog.
I know what you're thinking...Yes! I DO know what you're thinking. You're thinking baby sea otters are cute.

See?? I told you! You think they're cute, huh? Don't question the scope of my mad skills!

You're also thinking that my blog is super cute but you are squinting at my tiny little photos wondering what they are. Yeah, yeah, I know. They are super tiny. So, since its raining and I'm feeling a bit "bloggy" today, I'm going to share with you what they are.

They're not nearly as cute as baby sea otters but they are my family so I like em!

That's The Robbie's!

This is my baby, Jake, and me at his first "gig"! It was very exciting. He's gonna be famous. Watch for it. In addition to mind reading, I can tell the future. Great things are coming your way, watch for it! :)

And this is my stepson Robbie and his girlfriend, Misty. Check it out......Their names are Robbie and Misty....and OUR names are Robbie and Misty.....I like to call us Robbie and Misty squared!!
You already saw a picture of him up top with his dad. But, he looks so much nicer here. They aren't engaged yet.....but, I'm told, soon. Can't wait! She has a super cool job with NASA!! He is a chef.....but works as a valet. He could have his own Food Network show..instead of Cake Boss, his could be The Car Parking Cook!

I'm thinking that TV show execs should hire me.......

The last one is my lab Harley. I'm not posting that one. For some reason that picture is huge. I'll have to post that one on another day. Maybe with a pic of my other lab, Festus.

I know what you're thinking...... You're scrolling back up to the top thinking how cute baby sea otters are. You're wondering if your husband will let you have one. Then, you're thinking...'I wonder what they eat.'

I know, I know...Its okay. They ARE dang cute...So, I will tell you, cause I know these things....

They eat cake. Chocolate cake. You're welcome.

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