Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Donate To Cancer?

Notice the title of my post is "Donate To Cancer?" and not "Donate to find a CURE for cancer?"

Its kind of funny. Every time I go to Tom Thumb, they always have a "cause" you can donate to. I like that about them but its usually not a cause I would support.  The grocery stores have a lot of kids working there and sometimes they will say "Would you like to donate a dollar to cancer?"

Um...No.....I don't want to give cancer any money, thank you very much! I think cancer does enough damage without any extra financial support!! :)

I kid, but we all know cancer is serious business. It literally is serious BUSINESS. I typically don't donate money to support "cancer awareness" (Come on! Seriously. The CDC reports that in 2010 the cancer rate was one in two for people having the disease. Are we not really aware yet?? I think we are all aware.) or even "a cure for cancer". I always feel self concious about having to say no publicly. I feel like everyone in the store will gasp and turn and look at me in horror. Then their shock will turn to scorn and they will give me the stink eye as I slink out of the store because they think I'm a greedy republican that hates babies, the homeless, and people with cancer. But, really the reason I don't donate money to them is its really just a donation to drug companies.

I think the drug companies already have plenty of money. A lot of that money goes to research more drugs, which is good. Don't get me wrong. I would love it if a drug company came out with a drug that actually cured ANY disease, forget cancer, just ANY one of the diseases that are on the rise right now. My real problem with donating money to these causes is that they don't fund any "natural cures" and believe me....There are some out there that claim to be an actual CURE!!! We just don't know about them all because there's no money to be made in natural cures! So no one researches it.

Since no one is researching it, the FDA can't approve it. If the FDA doesn't approve it, then it can't be sold to the consumer. Nor does the consumer even know about it, because the makers of herbs and vitamins can't afford to put commercials on tv. Even if they could afford commercials, they couldn't say their herbs cure cancer because the FDA hasn't approved it. And if the FDA doesn't approve it............Oh yeah, we're back where we started.

I know that sounds all "conspiracy theory" but its true. We are all brainwashed by the drug companies. Just watch tv for 30 minutes and count how many drug commercials you see. According to FoodMatters and The Gerson Institute, high dose vitamin c IV therapy is an actual cure for cancer...........

ponder that for just a moment.

Its important. 1 in 2 people get cancer. How many people are in your family.

So ponder another moment.

I posted this information about a week ago. You can read that Here if you're so inclined. It seems that no one is believing me. I posted it on facebook and not one person commented on it. This is big news!! You can post a picture of a dog licking his butthole and you'll have twenty people respond. Cure for Cancer and *cricket, cricket*! Its amazing. I think one of three things is happening; 1) people are so brainwashed by the drug companies, they think a natural cure is just bogus so they don't even want to hear about it. or 2) They think if it were really true, they would have already heard about it by now. or 3) If there really was a cure for cancer the FDA would've approved it already. Yeah, we already reviewed that. Lets not do that again. Whatever the reason, I'm making it my mission to get the truth out about natural disease prevention and cures.

Which brings me back to my original point. I don't donate money to those causes because the groups that the money goes to don't donate to research "natural" cures and preventions. While I think those group's hearts are in the right place, I don't think the "researchers" getting the money are actually interested in the "cure". I think what they are interested in is a "cure that can make their company some money".

If those groups would divvy their money up and give even half of their money to "natural" research, I would be in whole-heartedly.

But, also as an aside, I have to say, that a lot of companies are cashing in on "cancer awareness" There are lots of companies that sell "cancer awareness" merchandise. You can buy all kinds of "pink" things to raise cancer awareness...but, so what? Like I already said, I think we're all aware by now. Not only that, some cosmetics and personal care companies claim their products to be natural, herbal, and organic with some of the proceeds going to fund cancer research. All the while no one is regulating them. They can just slap a label on their products and no one checks to make sure they are what they are claiming. In fact, a lot of them contain chemicals that actually CAUSES cancer, so buyer beware, if you're trying to do a good deed. You can learn more about this at Campaign For Safe Cosmetics

*sigh*  Its just all about the money.

I pray for those with cancer and any other disease for that matter. My heart goes out to them. Truly. I think people hear the word cancer and immediately just grasp at the first treatment they hear, which sadly is Chemo and Radiation. I know there are some who have had those treatments and have lived to tell the tale. But, there are just as many who don't make it. I've also talked to some truly amazing people who were literally at death's door and cured themselves naturally. Even AFTER the doctors told them they would be dead soon. They are still with us today, decades later!

So, because of them and my family, I will continue my campaign to "Raise Awareness For Natural Cures"..... I need a ribbon!! I wonder what color it should be?

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