Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cancer Awareness?

I just have to say, I'm sick of "cancer awareness" !!!!!!!

Really, I'm sick of cancer!!! I know how that sounds so let me say, No! I do not have cancer! Nor am I uncompassionate to those that have suffered the disease.

But, every time I turn around someone is posting on facebook about cancer awareness. "97% won't re-post" about cancer awareness, as if you don't re-post, you don't care about cancer patients. Football players are wearing pink shoes in honor of breast cancer awareness. Races are being run in the name of cancer awareness, and the list goes on endlessly

I absolutely DO CARE about cancer and those with it!!! But, the thing is...we already know how to prevent cancer. We ALL DO!!!! We just elect not to do those things. I mean, GEEEESH!!! by now, seriously, are we not aware????
The CDC said in the 1960's that the rate of cancer was 1 in 300. Well, sure, back then maybe cancer awareness was needed. I mean...1 in 300. Wow, probably very few people even KNEW someone with cancer. It was a big, scary deal. But, over the years, the cancer rate has risen. Now, in 2010, the CDC says the cancer rate is 1 in 2...

Let that sink in  for just a minute...... 1 in 2..........

1... in... 2. Its an even bigger, scarier deal!

So it seems to me that we are all aware. And what is all this awareness actually accomplishing? The cancer rate continues to rise and people are still out wearing their pink shirts all in the name of awareness. But, what I want to know is, how is wearing a pink ribbon going to prevent me or my friends from getting the disease? Does anyone have an answer for that? Does anyone ever even ask that question?

I don't think so. It makes us feel like we're doing some good if we're out "fighting cancer". But, really how are we fighting it? By raising money for pharmaceutical research? Pharmaceuticals don't prevent anything. Nor are they proven to be the most effective treatment for anything. Do you know that the biggest cause of death is "pharmaceuticals as prescribed" Okay, now ponder THAT for just a moment....

"As prescribed" Not, as in overdose or mixed with other drugs, or mismanaged by the patients....... "as prescribed"!!!!

So...... Why, why, why are we busting our butts to raise money or "awareness" (because from what I can see those two are synonomous right now in this regard) for that?

Why, why, why is there not "awareness" for the death rate of "pharmaceuticals as prescribed"?

Why is there no "awareness" for the fact that eating lots of fruits and vegetables truly IS cancer prevention.

See, I told you we already know how to cure cancer. Don't do the things that cause cancer. Don't smoke. See, you already knew that didn't you? Don't spend hours out in the sun in the middle of the day. I bet you knew that already too! Don't inhale asbestos. I'm not saying anything new there either. Eat your fruits and veggies. Your mom has been telling you that your whole life!

You can prevent 70-90% of ALL disease just by eating 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. That is from the USDA. It used to be 2-3 servings but with our politicized and industrialized farming practices they had to increase it to 9-13 due to the lack of nutrients in our food. But, that's a HUGE discussion for another day.

So basically you have a choice.  You can consume high amounts of anti-oxidants and live a healthy lifestyle and not only prevent cancer but all disease. The only side effects of that are looking and feeling better.


You can continue to eat the junk being sold in stores and restaraunts as "food" and pin all your hopes and dreams on cancer research and a "pill" that will prevent cancer. The side effects of current cancer treatments are loss of hair, loss of weight, killing your immune system, death, etc.

hmmmmmmm....I wonder which I will choose?

Did you also know that there really are all natural cancer treatments that have no side effects that are proven to work? One of them is The Gerson Therapy. In a nutshell, its high dose vitamin C IV therapy.
But, you're doctor (even if he believes it) can't legally administer this therapy. Legally, your doctor can only prescribe surgery, chemo, and radiation for cancer treatment. They can only legally prescribe those treatments even though there is statistical proof that natural therapies work better than the conventional therapies.

Cancer is continuing to rise, people are still out trying to "make a difference" but nothing is helping.
Its actually getting worse!!!! So, this is me calling for a new cancer awareness campaign.

Prevent cancer!!!!! Eat 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables. Eat real, whole foods instead something from a box or a window. Drink tea. Don't smoke!!! Stay out of the sun (I'm still unsure about sunscreen. I've heard reports of the chemicals in that being worse than the sun! Your best bet is to just go out for a little while and then find some shade, preferrably a nice hammock with a book and drink ). Drink in moderation. Exercise. Pray. Laugh often and love a lot.

Doesn't that seem simple? Much better than running a race to give your money for a pill that likely will do more harm than good anyway! I'm not saying don't go run the race. For sure, go run, hang out with your best friends and lend support to your cancer surviving warriors. But, just be "aware" of what you're actually raising money for and how it would be more effective.

Now, that you're "aware" go spread the word.........

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