Monday, June 14, 2010

Even More Food As Medicine

Okay, so back to the food as medicine thing....

I'll stop ranting about the state of healthcare and actually give you some news you can use.....

Food is the building blocks for all of our cells!!!! Did you know that? I'm sure you do. At least, I know you DID at some point before you were brainwashed by television and government. Okay, sorry! I fell back into a rant. I'll try to stop.

Food is the building blocks for all our cells. This is huge because that means if you eat the right foods, your cells will grow, repair, and heal themselves just like they are designed to do. If you put junk in, you get junk back out. You know that cancer is just mutated cells, right? These mutated cells develop a new genetic code and begin reproducing. Also, your immune system goes haywire because the cells aren't strong. We all know that eating highly anti-oxidant foods strengthens our immune systems. They also strengthen ALL our cells.

Here's something else you should know. Drugs only treat symptoms. Let that sink in for a minute. (insert waiting music.) Are you actually letting that sink in or are you just trying to finish reading my article? Geesh!! Okay, do a little yoga for gosh's sake! Learn some patience. Okay, enough sinking in.

Drugs only treat symptoms. They don't treat disease. Heart disease causes high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It's a cycle. You can lower your cholesterol with .8mg of plant sterols a day. The FDA says that's a true statement. A bowl of oatmeal, Cheerios, and 4 oz of Monavie Pulse contains .8mg of plant sterols. Exercise raises your HDL (good cholesterol).

Ginger is wonderful for reducing nausea. You can have it in tea form, in dried candy, in soda or even cookies! It actually works better than drugs.

Honey is highly anti-bacterial and anti-viral. You can actually smear it on a cut and it will prevent infection. It's also great to put into a homemade facial mask if you are prone to break-outs. Seems weird that something sweet would prevent a break-out huh? Crazy, but true.

Fish Oil and Omega 3fatty acids is good for the heart and prevents heart disease. The prescription Lovazzo is nothing more than fish oil. The same fish oil you can buy at the health food store. For a heck of a lot less money too, I might add!

A weed that you probably fight with in your yard every year is dandelion. Dandelion is highly detoxifying to your liver. It's extremely beneficial to detox your body. The liver metabolizes a whole lot of what your body takes in. It's kind of like a filter. You need to clean it out every now and then. If you don't spray insecticides or herbicides, you can pluck the flowers and just eat them. They taste pretty good. They are great in salads and you can find recipes for fried dandelions and dandelion greens gravy. Neat!

All whole foods have some medicinal qualities. There is nothing beneficial about anything artificial or manufactured in a lab somewhere. I can guarantee you that your body is not deficient in artificial color yellow #40 or caramel color or vanilla flavoring.

What the heck?? Why do we need artificial colorings and flavors anyway??? Why not just use real vanilla? How hard is that? Why do we want orange cheese??? When have you ever seen orange milk coming out of a cow? Hello....It comes out WHITE! Cheese is supposed to be white.

OOOPS!!!! I fell back into a rant.....sorry.......I hope this has been helpful. What I'm trying to make people see is that food really does matter. There's a video by that name that's awesome!! Check it out. One more thing.  Real food tastes better too!!!!!

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