Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My graduated baby!

Isn't this a sweet baby? He is my 17 year old son that just graduated high school! Not just any old high school either. Oh No...Homeschool High School!

He is very smart (For a boy!) He has mastered the ability to a bowl on his head. You can't really see in this picture but he is being held in the high chair by a lead rope. If you don't know what that is..It's the rope you use to lead a horse. Otherwise, he climbs out of the chair. See?? Smart! 

Even at a very young age, he enjoyed making noise, uh, I mean MUSIC!!

Accomplished Swimmer!

You can't see the horse he's riding but her name is Freckles. She was the best horse ever!! I bought her from a friend unseen because he said she was being neglected. Being big hearted as I am, I couldn't say no. We had to keep her a year putting weight on and trimming her feet (they looked like genie shoes!)before we could ever ride her. I took her to the round pen and discovered she is absolutely kid proof! Great Jake horse.
 That boy loves his Mama, uh, I mean MUSIC!!!! These are his senior pictures. He loves his long hair. I love his hair short!! He looks beautiful with short hair! He really does! If you are a cute girl reading this, please tell him to cut his hair! Please. He only listens to cute girls anymore. Look at the top few pictures again and let's all remember when he listened to his mama.......... *sigh*

I've enjoyed homeschooling immensely and I seriously love this boy!

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