Saturday, June 5, 2010


See these shoes??? Those are my feet by the way. :) I thought the polish on my toes matched the flowers I have in pots on the end of my porch. Pretty huh?

Okay, enough about my pedicure and flowers.

Those shoes, while not expensive ( I got them while I was on my way to Houston one weekend. I have black ones just like these. It's good for a girl to have multi-colors of her favorite shoes.) they have been hard little workers. I've worn them to Monavie tastings and meetings. I've worn them, along with their black sisters to work, around the house, in the garden, and even while out cleaning pools.

I have been cleaning pools all day. In case you're not aware, my husband and I own a swimming pool business. Check out our website over on the left hand side of this page.

I've been wearing these white little numbers all day long. And then....And then.....And then, would you believe I just stepped in gum??

Who the heck spits out their gum in the parking lot.!?!? My shoes are now ruined. I'm about to throw them in the trashcan and hold a funeral for them. There will be crying and sobbing and wringing of hands. I can't believe that someone would be so thoughtless as to spit out their gum in a parking lot where they know that people will be walking. Not only that, It's 100 degrees here in Texas! I trailed gum with me on my foot all the way to my truck. I was at a store getting a bottle of water, Sobe LifeWater, Black and Blueberry flavored to be exact. There was a trashcan right there!!!!

So, this post is a Public Service Announcement saying "Friends STOP SPITTING OUT YOUR DANG GUM!!!"

This is also a memorial to a good pair of flip-flops that never did anything to anybody. I'll miss you good buddies. Imagine that you can hear an instrumental version of Amazing Grace right now. And let's have a moment of silence please for the poor flip-flops that left this world a little too early because of the heinous crime that was commited against them.

Okay, I know that ruined the silence........Start........NOW!

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