Saturday, June 12, 2010

More Food As Medicine

I was talking to a woman today. She came into our store looking for some pool advice. Just like a lot of people, she started telling me about her many health issues. I ask her if she's heard of Monavie. In case you haven't, I'll tell you briefly that its 19 fruits from around the world with the main one being the acai berry. Its highly anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Its a food with all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids your body needs. 4oz is equivalent to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables.

She replied that she HAD heard of Monavie and she tried a bottle of it from a friend of her son. But, she wasn't really interested because in addition to the multiple health issues she just told me about, she also has fibromyalgia. AND her adrenals are shot to nothing due to her highly stressful previous profession of teaching.

Do you know what strengthens your adrenals?.......B vitamins. Do you know what contains a lot of B vitamins?.....fruits and vegetables! And what did I just say had the equivalent of 13 servings of fruits and vegetables? Yes! Monavie! But still she's not interested. Then, I tell her about a friend of mine who has fibromyalgia and she started drinking Monavie and it changed her life. Still not interested! I also told her about a book I read written by an M.D. called WHAT YOUR DOCTOR DOESN'T KNOW ABOUT NUTRITION MAY BE KILLING YOU. The author specifically talks about his wife having fibromyalgia and being cured with vitamin supplements! Still ......not interested! Why? You ask? Because she's taking some drugs, instead. She still feels bad but she wants to continue on the drug path for at least 6 more months. Because, if she starts to feel better, she wants to know WHY.
I say, what difference does it make? If you feel better, you feel better!!

I'm not sharing that with you to make fun of that lady. I tell you this because its indicative of our society. People think they need a pill for what ails them. Only pills will work even though they have countless side effects and there has never been a pharmaceutical cure for any disease. When have you ever had a side effect from a food?? The side effect for a lot of prescription drugs is death! They don't make a secret of it either. And yet, people fall over themselves to get these drugs and think they are such a basic need the government should pay for them.

Its like living in a fun house where you and a handful of people can see through the mirrors out into the world while everyone else believes the fun house mirrors are reality.

I don't have hard feelings for the lady because she won't give my product a chance. I feel sorry for her and truly wish her the best. She and people like her are why I started this blog. Its to impart this information: The reality is, the key to imroved health and a longer lifespan is in nutrition......NOT drugs!

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