Monday, June 28, 2010

It's not about you!!!

This just happened and I feel I can tell you.

My 17 year old son would be mortified, but he's 17 and thinks blogging is lame and probably will never read this anyway. And, hey, it's my blog I can write what I want.

He was in a play recently and no one that he invited came to see it. Well, except for me of course. But, then I wasn't technically invited. I just showed up as a mom will do.

He was very hurt that none of his friends came to see it. I mean,  break a mama's heart HURT!
I explained to him that maybe his friends legitimately had things to do and really just couldn't make it. I know I've been there before. I want to support a friend's endeavor and get busy and forget or have to cancel. I usually don't give these things an extra thought. I don't because I truly mean nothing by not showing up.

I've come to notice this in people; and my son's problem really just brought it home for me. I was speaking at a Monavie home tasting about a year or so ago and the hostess invited lots of people. At the time of the tasting, her house was packed with people. It was a great turnout but she was beside herself with hurt feelings because none of the people she personally invited showed up. I told her that it was okay. She had a great turnout and it's a team effort, yada yada. She would have none of it and told me that she would NEVER, EVER invite people to her home again!!!! And then she promptly quit her Monavie business! That was her first and last tasting.....sad.

That is just one example. I've seen many more. It's sad because what happens is that when you quit because you take those things personally you allow someone else to decide your future!

THAT is no joke! You've then allowed that person to steal your dreams.

What I want to say is don't let that happen!!! I've found myself in those situations as well. I never have a good turnout when I try to host jewelry parties. Other people get hundreds of dollars in free jewelry for hosting a party and my own family won't even show up. I understand that it can be hurtful. But, it's not about you. Or me.....It's about them. They may have had a legitimate emergency. They may have forgotten. They may have no money and don't want to be embarassed by that fact so instead just stay home. You just never know.

So, if you don't reek or aren't a boorish, obnoxious boob, relax and realize you can't control anyone else's actions. You can only control your own actions.  Others can't MAKE you feel ANY emotion. Only you have power over you. So don't let anyone take that from you. God gave you gifts, talents, and a light that shines and he expects you to use them. I promise he didn't send anyone to take them from you. You allow them to be taken from you all on your own.

As I spoke to my son about his heartache, I learned that he made new friends in the cast from the play. Rejoice in the positive! Own yourself. Follow your own path, regardless whether anyone follows you.

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