Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Fondest Homeschooling Memories

As my darling baby boy just graduated from our homeschool high school, I'd like to share with you my favorite homeschooling moments.  Here's the Top 10 list:

10.  My husband holding my hand telling me I will be great at this when I felt completely overwhelmed.

9. My son actually ASKING if he can get started on his schoolwork when his new curriculum came in the mail in early August! *sigh....Be Still My Heart!*

8. Jake and I lying on our old couch that we moved onto the front porch (We got a new couch, so the old couch was out there only TEMPORARILY, lest you start making redneck jokes. GAH!! But, I must say, I LOVED it out there!) reading Harry Potter together. ( I love those books too!!)

7. Bookstores!

6. Flipping through curriculum catalogs and spending money wildly on curriculum that I barely used because I transferred my addiction to spending money on shoes to spending money on curriculum. Hmmmm....Now that he's graduated.........

5. Enrichment Classes. I really didn't like it much when I first started. I felt like the "tramp of Gainesville". But, the boy loved them so we went. Now, after 10 years of homeschooling I made such wonderful friends through those classes.

4. After hours of instruction and hours of my darling staring out the window with a glassy look in his eyes, I yelled at him that its very difficult to teach someone who doesn't want to learn. To demonstrate that, I gave him the wipey board markers and eraser and said "Here! You be me and I'll be you and you try to teach me something and I'll show you how hard it is!!!" He looked at me like I'd just lost my ever-loving mind and stood there with the marker and eraser in his hands staring at me like I just sprouted a monster from my belly. I said "Go On!!!! Be Me!!!!! Be Me!!!! and I'll be you!!" Then this is priceless.... He screamed  and threw the eraser across the room.......Well.......Okay.....maybe we need a little break. :) It still makes me laugh!! Homeschooling ain't perfect!

3. Scoring above average on the annual ITBS tests I made him take every year. YES!!! VINDICATION!!!!! We're going to take over the world!!!!!!   Oh! Sorry! I forgot where I was for a minute.

2. Going to the homeschool book fair with my good buddies Mel, Dani, and Barb with walkie-talkies and wine coolers in a backpack. We snuck into the ladies room to drink!!! Here's how it went....Barb and I are going to the bathroom, does anybody need to go? Over and Out. Roger, Roger. What's your Vector, Victor? What's your Clearance, Clarence. Ah!!!! Good Times! and you thought homeschooling would be boring! Here's a disclaimer....If anyone asks.....that didn't happen.(It really did, but who needs Big Brother getting all worked up about it? so.....shhhhhh!)

And finally........wait for it......wait for it......and for the number one fondest homeschooling memory...

1.  GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, thank you! Do I get paid now??? What? No? What the Heck?? I was robbed! I was told that homeschooling a child would be very rewarding!! 

Okay, okay, I guess it was it's own reward......

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