Thursday, June 24, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Two nights ago, our a/c went out at 1:00am........


Of course it doesn't go out in the middle of the day when air conditioning workers are actually ...working.

So, in the middle of the night I'm sleeping hard. When I say hard, I mean the sleep of the dead. I'm awakened by a loud, screeching noise. My sleep addled brain can't figure out what's making the noise so my body runs on auto-pilot and thinks the puppy needs to be let out. As I stumble into the living room to release the puppy from her carrier, I notice my son standing there using his phone as a flash light. That confuses me more. I'm standing there wondering why he's using his phone to make a loud, screechy noise. By then, I'm awake enough to realize it's neither him nor the puppy making that noise. Then, I realize its coming from the blower on the air conditioner.

I let the puppy out and go back into the bedroom to tell my husband the bad news and go back to sleep. He decides to check out the commotion and hits it. That must be a manly, technical thing to do. Just hit it.

Hitting it worked for about 15 seconds then it started up again. So, my manly, mechanical husband does what is required and hits it again...and again....and again.

By this point, I'm realizing that it's just insanity and I declare that it's crazy and I'm going to bed.

So, like a sane person, I wait until morning and call a repairman. Luckily he can fix it within a day or two but a motor needs to be ordered and we have to spend a night at the lovely Super 8 motel. Doncha just LOVE the Super 8???

Sometimes, you think how nice it would be to get away and stay at a hotel. Hotels are nice because someone comes in and cleans up after you, makes your bed, and towels magically appear in the bathroom. You can eat in bed and watch tv, leave your dirty towels on the floor, leave, come back, and the whole place is magically clean!!

Yeah. not this time. We were exhausted, hungry, and cranky. I just wanted to go home. We don't have the nicest house by any means. But, here's what we have that beats hotel convenience any day.

We have our whole family under one roof. (My son elected to not stay with us in our motel room and go to a friend's instead.) We have 2 yellow labs, kittens, baby chicks, fresh organic peaches growing on trees, horses, whipper-wills, the smell of fresh grass, the smell of cow (I love the smell of cow!!) peaceful-ness, a big porch with rocking chairs.

We also have dirty dishes, unfolded white clothes (I hate folding white clothes!!), chores, and unmade beds.

But, I wouldn't trade my un-tidy, little home for a hotel stay any day!!!

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